My Bridal Shower!

I'm home this whole week for Thanksgiving break, and I was so blessed to have a bridal shower thrown for me by my friends and family the Saturday I got back! 

Here I am totally surprised!!! So astonished.....ok. Not actually. I kindaaa knew about it. Even though it was supposed to be a surprise. Between a little bit of a bridesmaid slip up, my mom texting me something meant for my sister, and me digging around in one of my roommate's drawers to find the invitation to see which Saturday it would be over break so I could plan my outfit (noooo would I do that????) Anyway haha. I kind of knew about it but it was great anyways. :)

 The shower was a pink/purple/black/cheese them. Cheese? Yes, you read that right. Ok, maybe it wasn't cheese themed, but there were a lot of cheese snacks. Cause that's my favorite food, and when people throw a party for ya they pick your most favorite things!! Check out these pretty cupcakes:
om nom nom. 

After some snacking we played this fun game using these tiaras and mustaches.

My sister had asked fiancé and I the same set of questions. My sister and my maid of honor read the questions and gave one of our answers. If the audience thought it was my answer they would put the tiara up, if it was  fiancé's answer the mustache, or both if they thought it was both of ours. 

Even my cute little flower girl kind of got the hang of it :)

 It was fun....although slightly embarrassing. For the question "what can't you live without"  fiancé said Becca. aka me!! (awwww) I answered an internet connection. whoopsies. Also, for "what is your favorite part of the wedding planning"  fiancé said the honeymoon. I said crafting projects. double whoopsies.

Then it was time to open presents FUN FUN FUN!!!!

Very happy about this one :)

Here are some of the goodies I got!!

I got two blenders. I registered for the Oster, but also got the Ninja which looks a little more fancy. Anyone have experience with either one??

Mmmh waffles and quesadillas yummmm

This teapot was made just for me! Well, the designs on it at least. My friend had someone draw on it. She told the artist "Becca is girly and likes pink" and this is what she did. I like it :)  

 I got 19 kitchen towels. Whoooo!! 

Pretty plates :)

LOTS of baking pans!!

I also got SO many wine glasses. Which is perfectly fine by me, because I love wine!! Yum :)

 All of my loot back at my house :)

And here's me with my bridesmaids. Thank you so much girls for all your planning!!! :)

I think I could get used to this many presents being given to me on a regular basis.... :)


  1. How fun! That tea pot is darling. Such a neat idea. I must be behind on the times. (Oh dear God, please tell me I did not just think/say that before I've hit 30!) I remember brides getting all kinds of skimpies at their bridal showers. He he! I'm looking forward to the pics of your big day. How exciting for you!

  2. So much fun! What a cute theme! My favorite food is CHEESE TOO!! I blame my papaw ;) He fed it to me as an infant! This takes me back this time about a year ago when I was just fixing to get married! Soak it up! It's so much fun! It looks like you had a blast!!

  3. I've had my Oster 12 speed blender for 5 years now and LOVE it!!!

  4. Oh man you made out great!!! I want to have a shower again so that I can get all new stuff! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  5. Um. WOW! You got great stuff! I've been married forever and I STILL don't have some of that stuff!
    And I love love love the tea pot!

  6. awwww so fun!! I love all the little girly cute! :)

  7. You so deserve all that lovely stuff! What a happy time!

  8. Hi there Rebecca!
    Wish you all the best!
    I'm your newest follower! Linked up at your link party, added the button into my posts and commented! LOL!
    Thanks for hosting!
    Would love to see you around at my place!
    Love, Olga

  9. Congratulations! We'll soon hear a wedding bells. I am a new follower of from here to twitter, facebook, and pinterest!

  10. Girl you made a haul!! SO jealous of your Kitchen Aid!!! :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. kind of knew about it???? HAHAHA. i still love you though. :-)

  12. You look so pretty!! and the party and yes gifts are so cool.... congrats!!

  13. I need another shower all my stuff is worn out now! (18 years later lol)