Project Accessory Review Episode #2

Time for another review of the latest Project Accessory!! I watched this weeks episode while hammering wire on my anvil for these earrings for a sale in my etsy shop, so I felt pretty cool making jewelry right along with the other designers!!

This week the designers went to the Swarovski Crystal store in New York and had one minute to find a piece of jewelry to inspire them to design one other item of jewelry and a shoe that would all be worn together with the same black dress. 

After watching the episode, I am amazed at the talent of shoe designers. Those puppies are not easy to make!!! 

Anyway, moving are my thoughts on some of the accessories:

Kelly was sent home for this yellow shoe and a pair of earrings. The shoe looks kind of cool in this picture, but it really looked like a hot mess going down the runway. Also, it did not match at ALL with the inspiration necklace. I liked the earrings she made, but the shoes were such a mess she totally deserved to go home. 

James was the winner of the challenge....but I don't really think he deserved to. He is a shoe-maker so his heels were constructed well,  but I think they are just too gaudy! Too much going a bad way. I also don't like the cuff he made. It kind of reminds me of a sparkely and more colorful Buzz light year cuff. Which crystal when pressed shoots off the ray gun?? :)

Other interesting things from the episode....Adrian made a cool pair of shoes  but almost got sent home because he didn't complete his jewelry piece to match the inspiration necklace shown below. He had been working on a "one-earring" but changed something at the last minute and then claimed he didn't have enough time to finish it.  Hello Adrian! It is not hard to finish an earring! Punch a hole, stick in an earring wire, and send her down the runway! It's always better to complete the challenge, even if you are not totally happy with the end result.

I thought these shoes made by Brian (on the left) were awesome! I'm totally digging the ankle strap and wedge heel with crystals in it. I kind of liked the concept of this cuff  bracelet made by Nicolina on the right...but what the picture doesn't show is that on the other side the cuff is just held together with a safety pin. Pretty sucky construcion for an official jewelry designer!

Nina, my favorite designer from last week, also did a pretty good job this week. Her shoe was a strapy sandal with ribbon and crystals, and she also made a ring using Swarovski elements. It kind of looks like she took this  square pendant and wire-wrapped it to a make-shift ring base like this. In this picture the wire work looks a little sloppy, but still an overall cool idea!

Other thoughts....Nicolina is crazy. Nina is my favorite, and I'm thinking that by the end of the season James and Shea will have made out. I mean, when Shea congratulated James for winning they practically groped each other through excess hugging and face grabbing. Kind of amusing. Once again I though mentor Eva was awkward and did not give a lot of advice. She just put out phrases like..."think about the challenge" or "think about time." Thanks for that Eva. Super helpful. 

Anyone else watch this week??

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  1. This looks like a really fun show! I love the sandal in the last picture too. Do they let you watch the full episodes online?

  2. James's shoe looks like something my grandma wore with a lower heel in 1984.

  3. I watched most of it and totally agree with you! Those yellow shoes...yuck!