TV Shows I Keep Up With

For some reason, even though I am taking 19 credits this semester, I have not been swamped with work. That is really quite a feat for the type of college I go to! I've been enjoying it though - it's given me time to hang out with friends and craft! And I never craft without a good show on. Here are the shows currently airing that I try to keep up with:

The Funnies
Some people stopped watching the office when Michael left, but I still LOVE IT. Andy is a great replacement, as well as Robert California.  I'm always cracking up at this show.

Have you seen this new show the New Girl with Zooey Deschanel? It's about a girl who moves into an apartment with three guy roommate she found on Craigslist. Her character is very nerdy, cute, and likable, and she always wears the cutest outfits.  Because obviously you all watch TV shows for the outfits. 

I can't get enough of the show psych. The dialogue between Shawn and Gus is always priceless....sure to make you laugh. 

A new season of Top Chef just started!! I'm so excited. I watched this show so much in high school. I don't know why I like it so much...I cannot really cook all that well and have no grand plans to become a master chef....but for some reason the drama and the food keeps me coming back. Also, whenever I watch this show I crave MEAT. Do not watch before dinner.....

While I still think Project Accessory is a kind of tacky spin-off of project runway, I still love watching the challenges, seeing what the designers create, and occasionally blogging about my thoughts on the episodes

Guilty Pleasures
I hopped on this bandwagon a little late, seeing as I'm pretty sure the current season is the last one. Basically I  spent a whole summer's worth of nights (before I met fiancé and had more time to myself in the summer!) catching up on past seasons of the desperate housewives and making jewelry. Now I'm addicted....

Gossip Girl is full of heart-wrenching and morally uplifting stories of boys and girls learning what's right and wrong.
Ok. Actually...... It's not at all. Probably quite the opposite really. I think it's dragging on a littttle bit by now. All the characters have pretty much slept with/dated all the other characters by now...and really HOW many times can Chuck and Blair break up and get back together?? Ugh. Anyway. Done venting. Don't judge me by my guilty pleasure shows....

I am loving this new show! Every Monday night one of my roommates and I get a sac dinner from our Student Union and come back and watch in before night class. I feel like I will be a faithful watcher for this season and any more that come out!!

Whew I am keeping up with quite a lot!! Guess I should enjoy it while I can....T-33 days until graduation and then all that real life stuff starts like working and marriage and cooking.

Anywho. Do you guys watch any of the same?? I'm curious to know!

Check out this great resource:
Those of you who would love to learn more about writing to maybe write the scripts for one of these great shows someday could find writing classes from online universities.


  1. I still love the office. I realized a couple eposodes ago that Jim is the one the show is really about. I'd probably stop watching if he left :)

    I'm also loving the new girl and I have a total tv crush on James Roday so I watch even old episodes of Psych all the time :)

  2. Whatever is on Netflix instant or whatever I find online. No cable or local TV for us. I really only miss the Food Network, HGTV, and similar channels. I really don't have much time to watch shows anyway. Between work, ballet, blogging, and the rest of life I get busy.

  3. I only watch junk---seriously---but I can't live without Hoarders and Project Runway....then I can also be found watching Intervention, Toddlers and Tiaras, Lockdown Raw and then of course THe Office, Seinfeld, and I Love Lucy re-runs.

  4. I'm still crazy about the office! That Pan am show looks interesting too...hmm I might need to start watching too.

  5. I love that dang Office! I also have been LOVING that Once Upon A Time show. :)

  6. I love Top Chef! The shows I am digging right now are Castle, Once Apon a Time, and Covert Affairs! SO GOOD!

  7. I love, love Top Chef!! I'm not a chef by any means but enjoy seeing what they make!! And I've heard about The New Girl but it's on the same time as Dancing with the stars, one of my shows ;) but it's almost over so maybe I'll check it out!! :)