Handmade Gift Exchange


I took part in the handmade gift exchange with Craftaholics Anonymous  for my first time this year!

I was partnered with Megan. She doesn't have a blog, so you'll just have to deal with this picture I stole off her facebook:
Yes, that is her husband eating her. In hind sight, this was probably a strange picture choice. But, being eaten and all, isn't she pretty?? Haha. The cool thing is that we are actually from the same area, but she is currently living out in Germany with her husband who is in the military.

Anyway, for Megan who likes purple, silver, earrings, and understated elegance vs. statement pieces.....I made these earrings:

(Tutorial for them coming soon!) And this pretty necklace!

In return I got these fingerless gloves:
Don't mind my shine. Posing indoors with all your winter get-up can get a little toasty!

In the card she wrote I could wear them while making jewelry. Isn't that smart?? And probably very useful. Fiancé doesn't really believe in heat, so our home together will probably be pretty chilly this winter!!

I also got this little knit snowman ornament: 

Isn't he cute? I like that his scarf matches my gloves! Very nice touch :)

Anyone else take part?? What didya get?

PS: If you have a moment, head over to my bloggy buddy Mimi's page, Living in France, and enter to win this cool jewelry board from Earth to Alice! Isn't it so cute??


  1. Gorgeous gifts! You both did amazing jobs. I got mine yesterday, it was so exciting, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. I will be sharing on my blog very soon!

  2. What fantastic gifts! Those gloves look super cozy. I sent my gift off yesterday, but my partner said she wouldn't be able to until the end of this week, so I'm still waiting. Then there will be the grand reveal...

  3. What awesome gifts!! I love those...the jewelry AND the gloves.
    Thanks for the shout out...I want there to be lots of entries! :)

  4. Awesome! love the necklace set you made and the fingerless gloves rock! thanks for sharing!
    happy crafting,

  5. you will also need fingerless gloves if you use a touch screen phone! I need me some of those....

  6. You have such a cute blog girl! I love it. I'm a semi new follower and cant wait to read more :)