life rearranged

I'm linking up for my first Insta-Friday over at life rearranged this week! Here's are some snapshots of the past weekish:

Christmas is coming up!! That means I get to play pretty Christmas on my harp now :)

While I was home over Thanksgiving I went out with hubby-to-be and his family to cut down a Christmas tree. Here he is post cutting down. Was not a very happy camper...

I skipped classes last Friday and headed home for Thanksgiving break early, I got home just in time to go out for date night. First stop? The shooting range. 

Yeah yeah I know. This is not a very girlish whim. But, it's important to hubby-to-be, so I try to oblige him :)

Afterwards we went out to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. Appetizer of choice: Macaroni and Cheese Balls. Yes I know I have very refined taste. 

I got some pretty satin fabrics in I ordered to hopefully use for wedding crafts....just waiting for inspiration to hit. This ceremony decor is killing me....I just do NOT know what to do.

Also stopped by the post office and got the stamps for my invitations!! I thought at first I would have to have dolphin stamps....and then the postman found wedding cakes! So much more fitting :)

Hope everyone is having a good Friday! I'm currently planless for the weekend...maybe I'll tackle the 50 more invitation bows I still need to make and that large take home final I have...Hm. We'll see if I work up to motivation to do that!!


  1. Oh thank goodness the post man found those stamps!!

  2. I've always wanted to know how to play the harp!!

  3. You play the harp? That is awesome! We chopped down our Christmas tree today, too. My hubs wasn't a happy camper, either! :)


  4. Fun pics! Good for you for shooting at the shooting range - I indulge my hubby and go every once in a while but I never manage to shoot :)

    ps - I've got a Shabby Apple necklace giveaway going on right now if you'd like to enter!