Pics from my Phone

I finally figured out I can use instagram on my iPhone. Whoops. Took me long enough. So now I take lots of pictures of my life and want to share them with SOMEONE. So I share them with you :)

Watching Project Accessory and wedding crafting while I was still out at school. Any ideas what I'm making??

LAST Sunday brunch at school. Sad day!!!

Last school sticky bun. Mmh those things are good. I started eating this one from the inside out just because it was my last one, and the middle is the best part!!

First and last time getting frozen yogurt out at school with friends. Yumbo.

Candlelight service

Singing silent night - at the chorus everyone lifts their candles up. So pretty!

Embroidered Christmas presents my roommate sent me a picture of that she made. My little embroidery student, so proud of her :)

Coming home from school to SO MANY packages!!! Too bad most of them were Christmas presents for other people. Two were for me at least!!

My new baby niece Penny - only just over 2 weeks old :)

And this picture is really crappy, but here I am with my FAVORITE Christmas present!! It's a Cameo if you couldn't tell!!!

If you want to follow me on instagram my name is mygirlishwhims (imagine that!). Let me know your name and I'll try and follow you...after I figure out how :)


  1. Congrats on the Cameo! I love the candle pictures and Penny is a beautiful name.


  2. Yay for the cameo!!! You'll make some fabulous stuff I'm sure!

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