Even More Wedding Plans!

Well my wedding is in ONE MONTH and TWO DAYS, so I'd say it's time for another planning update post. Here are some of the things I have been working on:

I made my earrings the same way I did for the bridesmaid's earrings, wire-wrapped and with crystals. I picked bigger crystals though so I could have some more bling bling on my ears. They are very sparkly and pretty sizable too- I'm excited to try them on with my dress! (It's being altered at the moment). 

I also went flower girl dress shopping with my niece last week! And let me tell you - JCPenney's has done me well for this wedding! We got the bridesmaid dresses there for $65, and that's also where we found the flower girl dress for $40! It was SO fun shopping for dresses, my niece is almost three and so dang cute and smart, she had such fun trying on all the pretty dresses! Here is the one we picked:
Oh the cuteness. I can't stand it. 

I also am making the flower petals that she will throw. I used leftover fabric from my pew decor flowers, cut them into flower petal shapes and then just burned the edges with a candle. I need to make some in purple still but here are the pink ones - I think they look pretty realistic!! 

My next project is to make a guest book. I found this idea on Etsy:
Wedding Guest Book Alternative - Personalized 3D Wedding Hearts - MEDIUM guest book (includes frame, instruction card and two pens)
Photo courtesy of Suzy Shoppe
Isn't that an adorable idea?? I can make the hearts no problem - although my biggest problem I think will be finding a frame! All the frames at Target and Walmart are rectangular, not square like I would like. Anyone know where so get affordable square frames? I'll have to do a little research. 

Whew! Now some of the last few details I am stressing about are how to do the escort cards, table numbers, and how to package my hot chocolate and heart marshmallow favors. The wedding is a month from Wednesday - it's getting down to the wire!!! :)


  1. Looks like you're making great progress!
    For a square frame, why don't you just make one, or get someone you know to make one? I don't know about getting glass for it, but it seems like you should be able to find instructions for a frame just using molding from home depot. Good luck!

  2. What great personal touches! I remember how much fun I had planning for my wedding. I hope you will have such wonderful memories of your special day!!

  3. It's such an exciting time. Your little flower girl looks so cute. I know she'll enjoy throwing those "rose petals".

  4. Michaels, Hobby Lobby...?
    Seriously. JC Penney's are way underestimated. I love them, but so many people don't really like it. At least around here. But we suck.

  5. Your earrings are just beautiful. Just simple and sparkle...stunning! I would check any craft store or maybe even TJ Maxx to see if you could find a premade picture and take the print out? Good luck! How exciting!

  6. Love the rose petals; genious idea!

  7. I am so impressed with the flower petals! Great job!!!

  8. Isn't it so much fun planning for a wedding? We recently got married just this past summer and I miss planning and crafting for it. I did the same thing that you did and made my bridesmaids earrings. The flower girl dress is adorable and I love the idea for your guest book. It's very unique, I have never seen that one before. Good luck,have fun, with your planning because your wedding will be here before you know it! It really does sneak up on you.

  9. Planning your wedding is sooo much fun -- and a lot of work!! Love that you're making your own petals and the guest book is FABULOUS!!


  10. Ok, first of all, Miley is ADORABLE!!! Oh my gosh.
    Secondly, check Michael's for a square frame. I don't know how big they run, but I definitely saw some there the other week that were square.

  11. so cuuuute! i think i've seen square frames at ikea. you can check the catalogue and order online too i think. happy happy!

  12. Try Michael's for the square frame

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