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Jewelry Lessons: How to Wire-Wrap Jewelry Part 1

Sunday, January 15, 2012 |

How to Wire Wrap: Part 1

Wire wrapping has it's pros and cons. It is the most secure way to make jewelry. Instead of making a simple loop such as the one seen in this tutorial, if you wire wrap it the jewelry will probably hold up better. It does take longer to do, however.

I usually choose to wire wrap based on two things: the materials I am using and the project I am working on. For example: earrings do not get a lot of stress when you wear them, so if my materials allow I often use simple loops. However, bracelets get a lot of stress (easily get snagged on things) so if I am making a bracelet with links in it I usually wire wrap it. You also have to look at the materials you are using. Freshwater pearls normally have a small hole in the center of them so that a normal head pin would not fit through. Thus, almost always when I use freshwater pearls in links/charms I wire wrap them.

Pendants also are a flag for me to wire-wrap, which I will be partially showing in this tutorial. To show this I will give you a tutorial for the bridesmaid earrings I just made for my wedding! Check it out:

Very pretty and sparkely. :)

Here's what you need to make your own pair:

Wire (I think I used around a 16 gauge), earring hooks, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, two crystal briolettes and two crystal round beads.


Step One: Cut a piece of wire about six inches long using wire cutters.

Step 2: String on a crystal briolette about 1 1/2 inches into the wire.

Step 3: Bend the wire around the top of the briolette

Step 4: Grasp the bent wire close to the bead with needle nose pliers and begin to wrap the tail of the wire around the main body of the wire with your other hand. You may have to use your fingernail or pliers to move the wire wrap a little closer to the bead if there are gaps in the wrapping.

Step 5: Trim off any excess wire with wire cutters and bend the tail of the wrap around the body of the wire with needle nose pliers so it looks similar to this:

Step 6: String on a crystal round bead

Step 7: String on an earring hook and then bend the wire into a circle around the loop at the bottom of the earring hook (I normally just use my fingers for this)

Step 8: Grasp the earring by the circle on the bottom of the earring hook and the wire you just made into a circle using needle nose pliers.

Step 9: Begin to wrap the tail of the wire around the body of the wire until you reach the round bead.

Step 10: Cut the excess wire off using wire cutters and bend any excess tail around the body of the wire using needle nose pliers. 

And that is all there is to it!

Since these earring are wire wrapped they are more secure and it would be very rare if they broke.

I made six pairs: one for each of my bridesmaids! I also made my earrings for the wedding the same way but with a little more blingy beads. I'll post pics after I remember to take them :)

Choosing to wire wrap will give your jewelry a very professional look and be very sturdy. It is time consuming though! So just keep that in mind. I'll be showing you other projects and uses of wire wrapping in future lessons!

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Erin- Thanks I Made It said...

So pretty! I love briolette cuts. This is a great tutorial-- thanks for sharing!

MiMi said...

Really pretty too!

Crafty Cousins said...

Those are so pretty! I tried earring making this week. They turned out okay, but I am no good at working with wire!


Emily Wilson said...

These are fantastic! I haven't visited the local bead shop for a while and these have inspired me to try my hand at making some earrings. I wonder if they have internet so I can bring in your tutorial? ;)

Found your link through The Girl Creative and visiting from

Saraccino said...

They are lovely! They will look great in the sunlight (or with candle light) :)

Hannah said...

Becca! I love our earrings! Super excited to wear them on your big day!

Rachael S said...

wow what a great post! I have been wanting to try jewelry making, your post makes it look so easy!

Laura @ Laura's Crafty Life said...

Beautiful earrings and such a well written tutorial. Thanks for sharing! :)

Just Jaime said...

Great tute! I pinned this for later! Thanks for all your jewelry tutes

rebekahdawn said...

Thanks, love these earrings!

Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts said...

Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday - you were featured today!!
- Mandy,

Kimberly @ The Brown Eyes Have It said...

Those are beautiful! Thank you for the tutorial, I've been wanting to try wire wrapping.

Pam said...

I have just gotten into the wrapping with the wire. I love it. These are great.

Whitney said...

These are beautiful! I have bookmarked this page. I am definitely going to be making them in the future!!!

Chelsea @ {twotwentyone} said...

Super cute! I'm starting to get into wire wrapped jewelry. It's so much fun!

katy said...

These are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

Troll fol de rol said...

All the best for your Wedding. Your Wire Wrapping is much better than mine but I have only been doing it for about 9 months. Don't think I will reach your standard. Good photo quality too. The photo of the six pairs looks impressive.

Christina said...

you're so talented - I love this!! Thanks for the great tips :)

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Gorgeous crystal earings and a great tutorial. Thank you! I am now a follower of your blog and look forward to return visits. I invite you to join me as well on my blog at
Hugs, Gayle.

Lesley at Fabulously Flawed said...

I'm so thankful to you for this tutorial! I've already used it twice and featured it!


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zwinky james said...

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Gliter Jone said...

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