Our Almost House

As long as our mortgage goes through (which it should) and everything goes well at settlement (which it should) this will be our home on February 22nd. 

I'm a little excited :)

It's a cute little end-of-the row town home. It's small, but so are we right now! No kiddos in the near future (that we are planning for at least!) so it will work out well for our first few years of marriage. 

Here's the front. I'm by no means a gardener but I can't wait to plant flowers in spring!!

This is the entryway. The front door opens right up into the living/family room.

This is the living room. Perfect amount of space for a nice big sectional couch, TV, computer...and my harp...somewhere?? We'll make it all fit haha.

The living room leads right into the kitchen which is pretty updated. 

The door closest to the picture leads into the laundry room and the one closer to the living room leads to a powder room.

Nothing fancy, but at least its updated! (We saw so many retro bathrooms on our house hunt...)

Here's the master. It looks a lot smaller in this picture than it actually is in person. I may or may not have already claimed the entire closet. Sharing? Who does that? There's also a bathroom off of the master that connects with the hallway as well, but I don't have a picture of that.

Here's my future craft room!!!!!!! The room is really tiny, but it will work out well for crafting. I can't wait to girly glam it up :) Fiance doesn't think it's fair that I get a whole bedroom for crafting and he doesn't get his own space. I'm hoping lots of kisses can keep him content with this situation.

Here's the third bedroom that we will use as a guest bedroom....and I'm hoping my treadmill will be able to fit in too.
And then in the back of the house there is a little patio area with just enough space for a grill and table. I'm very much looking forward to being able to use that space in the summer!!

So there it is! I can't wait until we get it and I can go in and put all my own personal touches on everything. I also can't wait to give a home to all the home items I've received from my shower and will get from the wedding!! I checked my registry last night and saw that someone bought us the hand towels we registered for the bathroom and I got so excited...never would have thought that a hand towel could bring me such joy. Hey, they're nice towels. :)

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  1. AHHHH!!!! This is so exciting!!!!! I'm so glad you put pictures up! It's going to look so amazing when you make it all Becca-like. :)

  2. Congrats! Moving into a new house is so exciting. So many things to make and do to make it a home! Have fun with it!

  3. wow what an awesome opportunity! Cant wait to see how you will decorate it!!! SWOON!

  4. Congratulations! You're first home, how exciting. Looking forward to seeing what the two of you do to make it your own~

  5. Awwww.. Congrats!! You're getting your 1st home on my Birthday.. God bless you & ur hubby to be.. Have fun in your upcoming wedding & always remember to Never go to bed Angry & always communicate..

    Best of Luck..

  6. How fun! It's always so fun to create your own place as newlyweds. :)

  7. YAY!!! That is SO exciting!! I'm so glad you posted pictures...I've so been looking forward to this! :) It's soooo cute, and it's perfect for you two!!

  8. New home! I'm so excited for you guys. And I can't wait for the home decorating projects I'm sure you will be sharing soon!

  9. I hope you will be very happy in your new home. :)What an exciting time for you both. sending you lots of good wishes from Australia.x.

  10. Congratulations! Nothing better than your first home! This will make for many a good blog post , can't wait


  11. Yippee!! Congrats on this too! ☺ How exciting!! So very happy for you! And guess what? Technically I'm buying my first house too! We've gotten an offer on our current house(hubby bought before me) and found a bigger house on land! We are starting the year good girl! ;)

  12. Your house is SO cute! How awesome to have a craft room! Jealous!

  13. yay! i'm so excited for you! just think of all the potential blog posts while decorating your house! :) congrats!!!

  14. Good for you! So great that you will be a homeowner at such a young age!

  15. ahh! how exciting! Congrats girlie! Praying everything goes smoothly for you guys!