Guest Post: Cake Topper from Luxe Boulevard

Good morning Whims readers. How exciting that Rebecca is off in wedded bliss! Her wedding date just so happens to be my husband's (30th) birthday, as well. So I think they chose a good day to get married. ;) Congratulations, Rebecca. I hope your day is everything you've ever dreamed it would be, imperfections and all. 

Marriage is a long, tough road, but there is so much joy and grace in it. Colossians tells us to submit to our own husbands and love our wives (3:18&19). Put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering (yes, longsuffering!); bearing with one another, and forgiving one another (3:12&13). I hope you two are having a wonderful time on your honeymoon, delighting in each other. 

For those of you sticking around Rebecca's joint, allow me to introduce myself to you. I am Stephanie, creator/coordinator of Luxe Boulevard Bridal. I am a DIY girl through and through, obsessed with achieving glam on a budget, whether it be in my wardrobe or my home. I would love for you to stop in and say hi. Please do excuse my mess, as I am currently re-doing my entire website. That's right. The whole shabang!

I always enjoy a good DIY wedding, so I am going to create for you (with you) a 
His and Hers Woodland Cake Topper.

We do have a hefty list of supplies, but it's inexpensive things, all wrapped into a lot of little steps. Believe you me, this is a piece of cake. Yes, that pun was totally intended. You may roll your eyes and call me a dork.

Sheet moss
 6" round Styrofoam
Wax paper/cardboard cake round
Small wooden round plaque
Wood candlestick holder (sold in multi-packs)
Candle cups (x2; also in multi-packs)
Wooden skewer
Glue gun
Wood glue
White craft glue
Dark brown paint
Light brown paint
Glitter paint (optional; not shown)
Small deep lid (I used a lid from a hairspray bottle; it will act as your vase)
Ribbon/various fabric scraps
Scrapbook embellishments

The first thing you will want to do is cover the bottom of your Styrofoam. We are going to make sure it is sectioned off so that it doesn't dust the Styrofoam all over your cake. I did mine with wax paper, but then afterward had kind of a duh! moment, and thought, it would be much better to use a cardboard cake round. You can get them at any party store. I think even Walmart sells them now.

Using your glue gun, begin adhering your moss to the top of your Styrofoam, making sure to keep the "grass" areas as level as possible. I took out all of the sheets and laid them out as they were connected in the bag. Do this until the entire surface of the Styrofoam is covered, sides and all.

We are still concentrating on keeping our cake edible. So mix equal parts white craft glue and water and brush it over the entire surface of the moss. This is will harden the moss somewhat and keep it from shedding everywhere. It will take a while to dry, so make it easier on yourself, do this before bed and let it sit overnight.

Let's create your table! With your wood glue, attach your round plaque to the top of your candlestick. You can see I used two of these round plaques. They were the perfect circumference, but not quite the depth I desired. So I glued two together. (Found them at Joann's.) When you do your wood gluing, make sure the grains of your wood are aligned. And out of kid reach. Mine got a hold of the "tabletop" and so it didn't quite dry as well as I would have liked it to. Ah well.

While the glue on your table dries, begin painting your makeshift chairs. We want this table set to look like trees almost, so we are going to try and create wood grains. I painted them a dark brown, then with a narrow brush I swiped on stripes of the light brown paint. Then, while the light brown paint was still wet, I went back to my dark brown paint and, with a lightly coated brush, blended the stripes in to make it look like wood grains.

This is about how it comes out. 

Once the tabletop is dry, repeat the steps from your chairs to make it look like wood grains and trees as well.

Now I am not the kind of girl who can leave well enough alone. If I can make it glitter, I'm gonna! Once my moss was completely dry, I brushed a light coat of gold glitter paint over the whole thing.

To make the seats, sew two round circles together (I used my tabletop as a stencil), wrong sides facing. Leave a small opening and flip them right side out. Stuff them with a little batting. Truth be told, I didn't have any, so I just used some scrap pieces of tulle I had left over from a pettiskirt I made. Close your opening. I didn't sew mine. I just used the craft glue since it was such a small spot.

With your glue gun (you still have that thing plugged in, right?), glue your cushions to the bottom of your candle cups. The candle cups will most likely have small holes on the bottom of them, this is the side you want them glued to.

Once your table and chairs are all set and dried, you can arrange them on your moss surface. Position them in such a way that they are as level as possible. That way your table and/or chairs don't look lopsided.

Cut your skewer in half and position it behind your table set. Run some hemp across for your sign. I picked up some scrapbook notions and liked the one that read "Love Birds." (When you position your skewers, be sure it is high enough that you will be able to see over your centerpiece. I may have forgotten to do that and had to go back ... Just sayin'.)

Paint your small lid. Remember this is just something I took off of a bottle of hairspray. It was small and good depth for filling.

With your fabric scraps, sew them into various strips of flowers. I had no real rhyme or reason to how I did mine. I just sort of winged it, because I knew they were going to get stuffed into my vase in the next step.

See! I stuffed them at random, fitting them however they would go. Then I hot glued my vase to the center of my table. And that's it!

Afterward, I thought it would be cute to go to the dollhouse section at Hobby Lobby and see if they had a candelabra and some small place settings. If you don't like the vase idea, that would be darling for a his and her table.

I also found that little picket fence at Joann's in the craft/wood section, and I used some more of the scrapbook notions to ad more decor to the entire topper. Play around with it, go with whatever you fancy.

Thanks for having me Rebecca.

I hope you all enjoy this. I would love to have you over in my neck of the woods some time.