Things a New Homeowner/Newlywed Enjoys

Having a house that is ours!!!

My husband. And the welcome mat for our house. But mostly my husband :)

Our silverware drawer. I never thought I would love organized silverware so much. I like owning silverware. And drawers. 

Cabinets full of food after our first grocery trip.

Full fridge too!

Starting to cook meals for us. Yum - carrot soup!

Annnndddd starting home improvement projects!

And just enjoying general married life. Getting to see each other all the time. Making waffles on a weekday morning because I know it will make hubby happy. Buying a big new couch that has lots of room for snuggling. Getting sick at 3AM and having someone there to say "where does it hurt honey" and hold me and help me fall back asleep. 

I think I like growing up :)

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  1. This post made my heart melt...and it made me SO READY TO GRADUATE AND GET MARRIED!!!! GAH!

    But seriously, you are adorable and I am so happy for you during this exciting new phase! :)

  2. So sweet. It's nice to see life through a newlyweds eyes!

  3. Congratulations Rebecca! Being in your own home with those you love is the most precious thing in life. Enjoy!
    Cas x

  4. It doesn't get any better, does it?! So happy for you!

  5. Congrats on the house!! We became home owners last July but are in the middle of a major renovation and currently staying with my mom until our house is completed. It's a great feeling regardless though and I can't wait to move in! Excited to see how you "girly" up the place. Hehe.

  6. LOVE it!! You are going to LOVE being married...even when those "little" things don't seem as exciting a few years from now...there's new things you'll find to get happy about together :)

  7. Aw you guys look so cute together. Congrats and enjoy every moment

  8. Yay! How exciting is it moving into your new house:) It's always fun being able to decorate and see the before and after!!! Congrats and have fun with the house!

  9. aww this is so sweet! i know exactly what youre feeling, isnt it the best! congrats!

  10. This is so sweet! I remember being a newlywed and then very soon after buying our first house together. Fun times!

  11. Congratulations :)

    Hubs and I have moved in to four different houses in the 2.5 years of our marriage and each time it's fun. I love preparing shopping lists, shopping and then finding place in the house for all the stuff.

    Yet to experience the joy of moving in to OUR house. I am sure it's gonna be special!!

  12. Aw congrats! I'm sure your special day was wonderful. Married life is different than "engaged life" and fuller and more rewarding and more challenging. Its all worth it! Best wishes to your future!