Hot Chocolate Wedding Favors

For my wedding I knew I wanted to DIY my favors. I didn't want them to take years to make or be super expensive either.  Since it was a winter wedding I decided to do hot chocolate and marshmallows! 

I get my digital version of my wedding pictures early next week (yay!!) but in the mean time here is a picture the photographer grabbed of the favors lined up so pretty!

I got the bags from Michaels, and used leftover ribbon from my wedding invitations to tie on the escort cards. I cut the cards out using my Silhouette and then used a hole punch to make then into tags.  

Laying all the cards out was very helpful for making up my seating chart!

Inside the favor bags was a single serving of hot chocolate and a heart shaped marshmallow! 

I got the Marshmallows from Madyson's Marshmallows, and would totally recommend them!! I had considered trying to make them myself, but I just had terrible visions of me two days before the wedding covered in gelatin and marshmallow gunk trying to crank out a hundred homemade marshmallows. I decided to leave that labor of love to someone who knew what they were doing!!!

Sorry for the crappy phone pic but you can kind of get an idea of how cute the heart marshmallow looks in a mug!

We also included a little cheesy note. Like my verbage? I thought I was so clever. hah. 

Since the Marshmallows are homemade they don't have a bunch of preservatives in them, so I didn't get them shipped to me until two days before the wedding.  I'm lucky to have some loving parents who helped me throw these all together! I packaged the hot chocolate and made the tags but my mom made the insert for me and her and my dad packaged them all up.  My dad took care of tying all the pink little bows, hah!

Budget wise - they were not too expensive to make.  The marshmallows worked out to be a little less than dollar each (they were worth it though, very yummy!), the hot chocolate was like .16 cents a serving, and the bags were like .50 cents each. 

Hopefully the guests enjoyed them! I know hubby and I have been enjoying the leftovers!!  What did you have for favors at your wedding??

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  1. SUCH a fun idea! You could use this as a party favor too!

  2. I love this idea. It sounds like the bags doubled as your place cards, too, which was a great idea. My daughter is a pharmacist who married a pharmacist. For their favors, they filled prescription bottles with kisses covered in pink foil. The label said "Take 2 kisses and don't call us in the morning", or at least that's how I remember it!

  3. Love these party favors! Your guests were sure to love these:) Personalized favors are always the best!!!!

  4. How freaking fun! Perfect for a Feb wedding...never would have crossed my mind.

  5. This is so beautiful!

  6. I love the marshmallows! This is a super cute favor.

  7. Love the fantastic heart marshmallow! Super cute idea especially, like you said, for a winter wedding :)

    I just posted about our favors today on my blog! We had a outdoor wedding with a barn reception so we did mason jars with shipping tags tied around the mouth of them with the guest name on it :) Here is the post if you want to check it out

  8. I just got married last year and our "theme" was rustic but elegant. As the appetizer we had foccia bread with olive oil and vinegar on the tables so to play off of that our favors were tiny bottles of olive oil (about 3" tall) with personalized labels (and were placed at each seating). My step father ran an olive mill at the time so it only cost us the price of the labels! score for us! And the time to pull off the original labels and relabel with ours. But it was cute and fun!

  9. That is such a cute idea! I really like the heart marshmallows and yay for family being willing to help. I'm not married, but I do think having a DIY favor would be adorable and it really shows that you appreciate everyone.


  10. I love your idea! You're right, having cards does seem helpful for planning seating. I went with a candy buffet and chose candies that matched my colors (I also had nuts). I collected old silver spoon and unique serving dishes from second hand stores. I had little Chinese take out boxes (from Michael's) that I stamped with the same design as what was on our invitations. This post has one small picture of it, if you're interested.