How to Make Simple Curtains

One of the first things we did after we moved into our new house was paint our family room.  The color wasn't exactly what I was imagining (wanted more of a tan/light brown and it's a little more orange-ish!!) But  I sure didn't feel like repainting so my goal was to make curtains that pulled the wall color in and brought in another color to dress the room up with matching accessories!

I decided on the Parisian Jacquard in Aqua from
Parisian Jacquard Aqua

Here are the curtains after I was done!

I'm not a great sewer, but these are even easier to make then pillows.  You just have to sew in a straight line for the whole thing!

I cut out two rectangles with a couple inches longer on each than I wanted the finished panels to be.  

Along the left, right, and bottom sides of the panels I folded the fabric edge (right side down)  over about 3/4 of an inch and ironed the seam down. 

Then I folded the fabric edge over the seam again, ironed, and pinned in place.

I sewed down the left and right sides first, then the bottom.

For the top of each panel, I did everything the same except for when I went to fold the seam over after I had ironed it down once, I brought it down about 2 inches and then ironed the seam. This leaves space to the curtain rod to go in!

After I sewed along the top seams, I inserted my curtain rod and got the hubby to hang them up for me! 

Yay - curtains! I'm so happy with them, I think they will really help to bring the room together.  I'm super glad they are done though...even though they are easy to make I measured wrong the first time around and had to order new fabric because my first set was too short :(  Then, the second time around my sewing machine broke while sewing them! Ugh. Oh well.  They are finished now and I'm very please with them.  Even if they still may be an inch short...but goodness knows I'm not making them a third time :)

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  1. Oh I love that fabric! Looks great girlie!

  2. Nice fabric! Good job. My kitchen walls are the exact same color :O)

  3. The fabric is lovely, but your curtains are too short...especially when they're tied back.

  4. Thank you, anonymous, for pointing out something I already mentioned in the post without even the dignity to do it with your real username!


  5. Love the fabric!! it looks nice against the paint. Sewing is something you get better at as you do it, and you did a great job on those curtains!

  6. Gorgeous! I'd love for you to add it on my link party at: Thanks!

  7. Gorgeous fabric. Using a contrasting fabric for a border on the bottom would solve your length problem. Also I like to use a machine blind hem stich for the sides and the hem. It doesn't add much time to the project (maybe 10 min.) and it looks really rich.

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  9. Your curtains are lovely, it's very satisfying to make your own curtains and pillows etc. Nice job.