Product Review: Wall Sticker Outlet

I recently had the chance to pick out a wall sticker from the Wall Sticker Outlet...and let me tell you.

It was a hard freaking choice.

The Wall Sticker Outlet has over 6,000 wall decals in SO many different categories! They have everything from nursery decals, wall murals, home decor stickers, and dry erase and chalkboard stickers!

I ended up picking a really cool chalkboard frame sticker

It's currently living in my {still } work-in-progress craft room with some reminders of everything that has to be done to the room still :)

Sneak peak of the room!

I love how easy it was to apply ( just peel and stick!) and if I get tired of it being on that wall I can just peel it off and stick it somewhere else! I think it will be a great tool to make lists or write some cute/inspirational quotes to look at while crafting!

I think one of these would also work great in the kitchen as a message center and/or grocery list. 

There are a bunch more chalkboard wall stickers that I thought were really cute (click on pictures to view product detail):

I also really liked a lot of the dry-erase wall stickers:

And those are JUST two of the many kinds of stickers they carry. If your looking for any kind of wall sticker...I bet you'd be able to find it at the Wall Sticker Outlet. 

I was very pleased with my sticker - nice and thick vinyl and the chalkboard worked great! Thanks for the great product Wall Sticker Outlet!

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  1. Love the one with the list of things to get from market!