PEOPLES Sexiest Man Alive

People Magazine's Annual Sexiest Man Alive Issue is out! And I wholeheartedly agree with the winner:

I went shopping at CVS for the magazine. And there he is right front and center of the store: Channing Tatum!

Hello gorgeous. Of course I love my husband and wouldn't trade him for anyone, but Channing Tatum certainly is...easy to look at :) If you ever saw The Vow, this little diddy will make sense to you!!

I did really like how People featured Channing though (I feel so close to him, calling him by his first name. NBD) His feature article asked a lot of fun questions, and it was so refreshing to actually have him mention his wife like every other answer. It was cute. 

You are even sexier since you love your wife Channing :)

After I tore my eyeballs away from the Channing pages, there was still a lot of other fun stuff to read, such as the Style Watch (I loved the striped dress!)

And of course I had to oggle at the Twilight article. Although, what a crappy fan I am - I still haven't been out to see the new one! Maybe I'll just wait for redbox at this point....

The magazine also featured other sexy men, and I was so happy they included Max Greenfield. I LOVE watching him in New Girl, he just always cracks me up so much!!

"I'll see next week's script and I'll go, 'Oh man, I'm so naked!'" Classic.

I enjoyed taking some time to relax two different nights to read the magazine - one night snuggled up on the couch and other night while in bed (this was when I read all the sexy men features - I felt like they were all staring back from the pages at me. YOU trying reading page after page of large spread men features with the magzine 6 inches from your face and then tell me you disagree. :)

Anyway! All in all, I enjoyed the magazine. Do you agree with the winner?? Who were you rooting for?

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  1. Oh man...that funny card thing is hilarious! I love those.

  2. you crack me up. And breaking dawn was pretty good, you should go see it!