Sponsor Love: Sweet Relish

I've got a cool new website to introduce you guys to today!


 Sweet Relish kind of reminds me of Pinterest - but it is aimed more towards building wish lists of products. It's always so annoying on Pinterest when you find an awesome pin, you love it, you want it, only to click through to the source and it to not be there anymore! Not the case on Sweet Relish - every image on the site is a real product that is for sale somewhere!

You can also "relish" products from other websites by installing the relish button in your browser. Here's what the catalog portion of Sweet Relish looks like:

That turkey hat and "go plate" are too funny!!

You can add things right from the Sweet Relish cataloge by clicking on the image and "relishing it", or from other websites like Amazon. I really want the new J.K. Rowling book so I relished it right from there!

Andddd of course I had to stop by the Silhouette website and relish some of their products too...

After browsing around for awhile, here's part of the Christmas list I came up with!
Mostly craft supplies but with a book and vacuum thrown in too haha. It's super easy to share your list via facebook, twitter, pinterest, or email to give hints to your loved ones of what you want for Christmas :)

I would totally encourage you guys to visit sweetrelish.com where you can save all of your ‘whims’ in one place :) Create a holiday  list, save the stuff you like, and discover new products! It's fast and easy to sign up and is a great way to help add things to your Christmas list if you've got some spaces to fill still!

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