DIY Tree Skirt from Table Cloth

Since it's hubby and my first Christmas together, I've been scrambling to get together all the Christmas essentials, without spending a fortune!

One of the things needed was a skirt for our Christmas tree! 

I looked at a few in the stores, but they were all so ugly and surprisingly expensive, so I thought I'd give DIY a go. 

I found this pretty round tablecloth at Target for $12 and thought it would  be perfect for under my tree since I have a gold theme going on this year. 

To start the converting process, I laid the table cloth out folded in half

And since I have a small house and consequently a small tree, I needed the skirt to be small too! The table cloth I had was 70 inches. I probably cut around 6 inches from the whole circumference. 

I then cut a semi-circle in the middle of the circle and down one side to form the tree skirt. Since the skirt was going to be all ruched up under the tree...I didn't really worry about measuring to much haha. Hence my wonky circle in the middle but you can't tell when it's under the tree :)

Then all that was left was to hem all the raw edges I had just cut. Helpful note: avoid cutting off excess fabric from the circumference if possible. It took forever to fold, iron, and sew around the whole thing!!  If you have a larger tree than ours (like 6 feet) you could probably get away with leaving your tablecloth outer-edge as is. 

Here it is all sewed back up under our tree!

Such pretty fabric!

Since my tree is in a corner, I just tucked the ends together.  If the back of your skirt would be more visible, you could easily sew up some ties for it. 

Perfect! The perfect little skirt for our perfect little first Christmas tree!

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  1. Beautiful! Great makeover...I made one from a vintage tablecloth and it turned out cute too! Yours is perfect color choice!

  2. What a great idea, love the color and pattern in yours, very beautiful. Newest follower :)

  3. What a great idea! You are right--they charge a lot for simple tree skirts. Thanks for sharing this idea--I will be stealing it :)

  4. What a fantastic idea!! It looks easy enough for me to be able to do a different one every year!

  5. What a wonderful idea! I might just have to borrow it!

  6. Your tree skirt looks very posh!

  7. Very pretty!! I am visiting you via Somewhat Simple. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas. Happy Holidays. Anu

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