FREE Target Gift Card with Instyle & People Style Watch!

Calling all fashionistas and targetistas and i-just-like-to-oggle-over-fashion-magazine-istas:

From now until December 7th when you buy InStyle AND People Style Watch magazines at Target you'll receive a free $5 Target gift card! Did you hear that? December 7th! That's really soon!

There's a Target right in the same shopping center of my grocery store, so it's very easy for me to pop in :) So pop over to your closest Target to find the magazines...

Pause while passing these SUPER cozy looking robes and take a pic and send to your hubby for a Christmas present idea. Oh dang. This post is about style. Ok, well everyone deserves to be cozy at night. And check out those polka dots - they are SO in right now anyway :)

 At my Target there was a sign up in the magazine section for the deal....but there was no InStyle or People Style Watch to be found! Alas! Alack! What to do! Have no fear! Power through my little Target shoppers. The magazines were in the front of my Target on a special stand. There was no signage there, but no worries, the deal is still good.

Ahhh, here we go. Both of my little beauties and my target gift card on their way home with me!

Here's some of my favorite articles from the mags!

From People Style Watch I lovveeee the "Who Got It Right" section. It's kind of fun to see celebs who don't always have it all together haha.

Especially love this one because it has Tim Gunn in it! (Love Project Runway)

I also loved the feature pages they did on Taylor Swift. Who doesn't love Taylor? So cute and stylish!!

From InStyle I of course loved the feature on this royal lady...she's always so classy! And have you heard she's PREGNANT??!! Cause she is!

I also enjoyed perusing the looks they put together for different events: I loved this whole outfit with the printed dress! (I would probably wear it for more than just shopping though!!)

You can tell a little bit from this picture...but I read my 'zines in one of my most favorite spots in my house: laid all out on our big comfy couch under the big cozy blanket :) So relaxing! Nice to have a little down time.

 I saved my Target gift card for the next time since when I bought the magazines I was in a rush. Next time I go in though needed 1 item goodness knows I'll come out with 6....I'm assuming I'm not alone in this ;)

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  1. I stumbled upon your blog and I love it. :) Too bad I didn't see this post earlier.