Etsy Shop Update

I recently had TWO four day weekends off from work thanks to Christmas and New Years, and spent a good majority of it making jewelry! Here are some of the new goodies in my shop. Some you've seen in previous tutorials and some are tutorials to act surprised when I repost them later mmmkay?

Also - come back tomorrow for a giveaway with my etsy shop for my 2 Year Blogiversary!!!

Gray Dangled Chain Necklace

 Chunky Black Pendant Necklace

Cobalt Blue Long Cluster Necklace
Gold Pearl and Ribbon Necklace

Red Bib Necklace

Long Peach Stone Necklace

Dark Gray Long Stone Necklace

Pearl Cluster Necklace

Black and Gold Chain Bib Necklace

 Vintage Inspired Pearl Earrings
Vintage Inspired Pearl Earrings

 Pink Pearl Bow Earrings
 Pink Pearl Bow Earring

Crystal and Black Dangle Earrings
Crystal and Black Dangle Earrings

To see all my other pretties for sale, visit my shop Your Girlish Whims!

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