Getting Healthy: Trying out Diet-to-Go

Ok ok, I admit it. I'm not a great New Year's Resolution type. This year I really needed a kick-in-the-pants to make some kind of resolution though. Honestly, I've put on a good amount of weight since I got married. I've had a great time of perusing pinterest and experimenting cooking yummy dinners for hubby and I, and not enough time pushing it on the treadmill! It's too easy to fall into new, unhealthy habits and I know that something needed to change.

 That's why I really welcomed the opportunity to try out the meal options from Diet-to-Go! Diet-to-Go is the least expensive fresh diet delivery service on the market - they send healthy food straight to your front door! Getting started with this program was a great, super EASY way to kick-my-rear-in-gear to start a healthier lifestyle!

Here's the special delivery I got: the meals come packaged up in a styrofoam cooler and are ready to go straight into your fridge or freezer for when you need them!

Check this out: snap peas, carrots, and Penne Pasta for ONLY 350 calories!
 And it actually was really good!

Diet-to-go has three different menu options: low fat, low carb, or vegetarian. I choose the low fat option and the meals worked great for me. Here's another meal: Turkey Chili, Pasta Salad Primavera, and Corn Bread.

And this one was my FAVORITE meal: chicken pizza with broccoli, crackers and laughing cow cheese (love that stuff!)

One of the really nice things about this type of program is that the meals are all ready to go: no cooking, meal planning, doing dishes or anything. Just pop them in the microwave and/or toaster oven and that's it!

Diet-to-Go was recently rated the #1 diet delivery by Epicurious. They also have no cancellation fees or gimmick pricing. There is no commitment or contract, so there's now worry about trying it out to see if it's for you! With Diet-to-Go, you can get tasty, healthy meals for just $17.02 per 1,000 calories while the average for high-quality, healthy goods is $18.16 per 1,000 calories. Who knew???

For a chance to win FREE meals with Diet-to-Go, be sure to enter their 1000 meal giveaway! Diet-to-Go will be giving 10 winners free meals for a month, and 25 winners free meals for a week! Giveaway is open until 1/8/13. Go HERE to enter!

 If you're thinking about making a change and want to try out an easy option for gaining a healthier lifestyle, be sure to use the coupon code NewYear2013 for 25% off any meal plan from now until 1/8/13!

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