DIY Amber Dangle Necklace

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What better way to welcome spring then with some new bling!!  
I've joined up with 6 other crafty bloggers to bring you a week full of jewelry tutorials. 

I'm so excited to share my project with you all today!

DIY Amber & Gold Dangle Necklace

Here's how to make your own!

 Copper Aluminum Chain - Jewelry Basics Chain, drop beads, head pins, jump rings, clasp, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, and round nose pliers.

I got my chain from Prima Bead - I LOVE the selection of chain they have - there are TONS of different options and all at really great prices! This chain made the perfect base for this necklace.

First step is to put a drop bead onto a headpin.

Using needle nose pliers,  bend the head pin 90 degrees directly above the bead

Use wire cutters to trim the excess wire off the head pin, just leave a small tail.

Grab the tail by the end with the round nose pliers and roll it around the pliers creating a loop like so:

Cut around 6 inches of chain, and use needle nose pliers to attach the drop to the chain, squeezing the loop shut with pliers.

I alternating attaching a bead to every other link

Next, cut a longer piece of chain for the base of the necklace, and attach slightly less beads to the center of this chain.

Attach the small piece of chain to one side of the longer chain using a jump ring

Do the same for the other side:

So the bib is attached like so:

Almost done! Next, just attach the toggle clasp using jump rings on the ends of the chain

Here's the finished necklace!

I love this design! Very simple but stylish. I think I need to make some more in other colors :)

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Be sure to follow along the other blogs for the other tutorials this week and come back for the giveaways!

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  1. This is gorgeous! I wish we lived closer to each other so we could make jewelry together:)

  2. Oops lost internet connection.....just joined your site....would love to have you stop in at

  3. That is absolutely beautiful! You make it seem like even I could manage to whip one up somehow. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. That is so pretty! I just bought a few necklace making supplies, but haven't sat down with them yet. This looks doable even for me!

  5. So pretty! I’d love it if you’d link up to The DIY’ers link party.

  6. What size teardrops were these please?? (12X5, 13X8, etc?)

  7. Looking perfect. Hope that will be easy to make one.
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