Glasses from Firmoo

One morning, after getting out of the shower I saw my puppy up on my bed chewing on something.  I thought is was a toy, but after further inspection...turns out is was my glasses!

Yup. Nicccce and chewed on. The frames, the lenses, all of it. Nice and chomped.'s a good thing my dog is so cute...

So....anyway...I needed new glasses! Luckily, right around this time I had the opportunity to try out some glasses from!

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Here are my new set:
And no, I didn't take this picture months ago.  It just randomly decided to start snowing in March here in PA. Random.

These frames are a little bigger than my last pair, but I'm digging the new look.  I don't wear my glasses every day, so it's nice to be able to have a different "look" on the days that I wear my glasses.

My favorite part about picking out my pair of glasses from Firmoo was being able to upload my own picture and test out what the glasses would look like on! I think this is so important for buying glasses online - you won't get to try them on before you order so doing it virtually is the next best thing!
I'm so happy with my new glasses! I would definitely recommend Firmoo to others - they have a ton of different frames in stock and their prices are very affordable.

So, if your puppy ever gets a hold of your glasses...or if you are just ready for a new set, check out Firmoo! They even offer FREE glasses from a select group of frames for new customers!


  1. and they are perfect!! thanks for the referral. we got our last pair of glasses from zenna on the internet for $8...can't beet that price!!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

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  3. Look at how cute you are!! Those look great on you! I just got my first pair of frame less glasses last month and love the way they kind of disappear into my face..

    - Cass@Optometric Services