Decorating our Bedroom with Staples!

Ok, if you read that title the wrong way it probably sounds a little funny :) We're not decorating our bedrooms with staples that you put in paper, but with the company Staples!

I recently had the opportunity to pick out something from the Staples site, and MAN was I surprised at how much stuff they have besides just plain old office supplies. They have a TON of furniture and a whole line of Martha Stewart organization products in super cute colors and patterns. And man, am I a sucker for cute organizational supplies!!

After lots of browsing I ordered this set of bookshelves to go in our bedroom:

Here they are set up in our home:

Hubby and I have been married a little over a year now, and we are still gradually adding furniture and completing decorating our new home. We put these shelves in our bedroom opposite of our bed and they are really helping to fill up our space! 

I like these shelves because they don't take up a ton of space width wise, but they are a good height with enough space to decorate and add some visual interest to the front of our bedroom. Before I got these shelves I had plans up just putting up a few floating shelves and maybe doing some type of gallery wall to decorate, but we had the room for more furniture still so these shelves just made things easier!

Plus, there still is room to hang some stuff up on the wall, and I already have an easy DIY project in the works to hang above the TV - stay tuned!!

I filled the shelves up with some decorative items I've slowwwwly been collecting. Wedding pictures, some fake flowers, and a few other things. I'm still searching for little black bins to stick on the two bottom shelves to use for a little extra storage.  The IKEA bins from the TV unit in the middle are just a little too tall, so I want to find something that won't clash with them (please let me know if you know any anything that could work!)

I'll eventually post a full reveal of our bedroom, but I still have a few projects to tackle first :) I've taken a very slow approach to decorating our home, to thank you Staples for the help!!

Disclosure: I was provided these shelves free of charge from Staples, but all opinions are my own!

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  1. tell shawn, they look great!!! i'm so proud! :-)