Site Review: Minted

I have such a fun website to share with you all today!

Minted is an online store that uses designs from independent graphic designers and produces the best of their work in the form of paper goods.

That's basically a fancy way for saying they sell pretty paper items :) 

They offer tons of different products, but I really fell in love with were their art prints.  I'm still working on making our house look a little more loved and lived in, and I'm so excited to be able to find a home for these two sweet prints I ordered:

 I think this one is going to go in my craft room. The girly floral & pink color will fit in perfectly in there :)

This one is going in our family room that I'm repainting in a light turquoise soon! Currently this room is a brownish color that is just heavy and dark. I'm so excited to bring more light into the room and accessorize accordingly!

 Minted has 554 art prints currently, and I MAY or may not have looked through all of them before deciding on these two... I just love the style of all of them.  They all have a happy, kind of retro-indie vibe to them which I find adorable.

The eye candy doesn't stop with art prints though...

They have adorable journals
Berry Garden Journals

Themed party decor

Personalized stationary (that come in really cute shapes toos!)
Pink Blossoms Personalized Stationery 

I also oggled over their wedding invitations  which are all so adorable!!! Of course I don't need any more wedding invitations anymore :) but there were tons of really beautiful designs for any of you other single ladies still!!
Plentiful Blossoms Wedding Invitations

Don't take it just from me though - check out the eye candy at Minted for yourself! Maybe you don't need to look through all 554 art prints like me, but I warn you the site is addicting! Take a peak and let me know if you agree!

I was provided store credit for an honest review of this site - all opinions are my own. I really like products this site offers daggnabit.


  1. Hey there!! Just stopping in to let you know that I found your Wednesday hop while browsing another blog...and I can't wait to join up next time! I'm not following this super cute super fun blog of yours!!

    noel @

  2. I'll have to check that out! I create printed goods and I'm always looking for new places to sell my stuff.