DIY Coral & Chain Necklace

When I was at the beach over mother's day weekend it was very rainy so my mom and I got to do some shopping.  One of the things I bought was a cute coral tshirt dress from Old Navy.  It's a cute dress but very plain so I knew I would need some fun accessories to fancy it up.  I looked for a matching necklace at Old Navy but couldn't find anything.  My mother asked me why I was even looking since I could just make something myself!

What a smart lady. So that's what I did! Here's this DIY Necklace on my cute new dress:

The best part was I had all these beads and supplies on hand (welcome to life as a bead hoarder) so I didn't have to pay anything extra for my matching necklace. Here's how to make it if you'd like a version for your own plain outfit!

DIY Coral & Chain Necklace

For this necklace you will need: head pins, eye pins, two jump rings, a clasp (I used all of these from the 145pc Starter Pack - Copper - Jewelry Basics Findings from Prima beads), chain (I used 5ft Link Chain - 7mm Links - Copper from Prima Beads as well) and then a selection of coral beads.

Updated to add: I bought all of these beads at a bead show so I don't have anywhere to link for them - sorry! However, these 6x8mm Crystazzi Rondelles from Prima beads are similar to the crystal beads I used! You could probably find similar stone beads for the other beads at Michaels.


First step is to cut a short length of chain with wire cutters to start the end of the necklace

Use needle nose pliers to attach an eye pin to the last chain link and string on a large coral bead

Bend the pin 90 degrees

Trim down the tail using wire cutters

Then grab the end of the tail with round nose pliers and bend into a circle

Attach this new circle to the chain and squeeze it shut with pliers

Cut the chain again (I separated my beads with 9 links for this size chain) and repeat the process with another crystal bead.

Repeat this process until you've used up all your chain or reached your desired length for the necklace.  I wanted something long - I can wrap this around my neck two or three times.

Next, grab a head pin and slide on a round bead

Bend the pin 90 degrees right above the bead

Trim the tail with wire cutters

Bend into a loop with round nose pliers

And then attach this between the two beads on the mini lengths of chain.

Repeat until you've made it all through the necklace

Lastly, use two jump rings to attach a clasp to the ends of the chain

All done!

Such a pretty necklace.  I love the coral mixed with the heavy copper chain.  I don't use copper too much so it was an unexpected but pleasant surprise when I found the chain in my stash and saw how nicely it went with the coral beads.

And now I'm all set with my new outfit!

Note to self: suck it in more for blog photos. There ain't no baby in there...besides a food baby....

Hope I've helped inspire you to try making something yourself when you can't find what you want in the stores!
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  1. amazing necklace!Thanks for a tutorial!

  2. Gorgeous necklace, it looks fab with your dress!


  3. Beautiful. I love the colour of the chain with the coral.

  4. Fabulous necklace and I really like the chain that you used with those beautiful stones.

  5. Rebecca I want to make everything you show! I can find the starter pack and the chain at Prima Beads, but where did you get your coral beads please?

  6. NorasGranddaughter I just updated the post. I bought the coral beads from a local bead show so unfortunately I have no where to link for those. I did find similar crystals from Prima bead at least and linked those!

  7. Thank-you Rebecca, but I cannot get to this link using either Explorer or Firefox and I cannot find anything at Prima Bead by searching on 6x8mm Crystazzi Rondelles. Woe is me. Any other ideas for me?

  8. Here's that link again - does this work?

    if not shoot me an email

  9. This turned out so pretty! I love it. I find it hard to find chains that I like...this one looks nice though.


  10. I love the collor!

  11. SO pretty, you look so cute!
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  12. Thank-you Rebecca - that link works. I need to send you pictures of the other necklaces I have made using your designs. As soon as I get pictures will send. Thank-you for your help. I subscribe to many blogs, but yours is the first one I open each day! :)

  13. Beautiful necklace! How fun to be able to make it yourself!
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  14. I love it! I want to make one of those for myself! Thanks for sharing it at Monday Funday!