My Experience with1800 Contacts

I was approached to write a review for 1800 Contacts - and I truly was excited to because I've actually always had a GREAT experience using the site. It's easy to write reviews for a company you really do enjoy using!

I wear both contacts and glasses, but glasses more out of necessity.  I've had some issues with dry eyes and have had to cut back a little on my contact wearing, but if it was my choice I would wear contacts all the time because I just personally feel a little more put together with my contacts in. 

When I lived with my parents we always got our contacts through Costco.  After I moved out though that was NOT going to work.  I remember having to go to Costco to drop off the prescription, wait a week or two for them to get them in, and then drive allll the way back to pick them up.  I knew I had to find something that was cheap and practical for me. 

I had seen commercials for 1800 Contacts and finally tried them out when I saw that I could earn extra cash back from my Discover card by buying my contacts through their site.  Seriously it's such a good deal! I get 10% cash back by starting through the discover website and then going on to 1800Contacts.  So if I spend $100 on contacts I get $10 back in rewards ( I like to use these rewards to buy things on amazon!)

I've used two different kinds of contacts since I started with 1800Contacts and they've provided them both.  The nice thing about 1800Contacts is that the website is SO easy to use.  Armed with my little prescription from the eye doctor, I went online the first time and had my contacts ordered within 10 minutes. 

1800Contacts always likes to double check that you are ordering the right kind of contacts, but they make it easy for you.  They will check in with your eye doctor, or to speed the process up you can fax them a copy of your prescription, email them a copy, or even text a picture of it.  Last time I ordered my contacts I got two personal emails from customer service reps letting me know they were on top of my contact order which was NOT something I was expecting.

Now, the customer service and ease of ordering is nice, but really I care about price above all else.  Luckily 1800Contacts has great prices (which is important now that I'm using DAILY contacts which cost a lot more than my old 2-week ones did!) and best of all? Free shipping for all orders over $50 (which is easy to reach when you are ordering contacts!)

Last thing I really enjoy about the website is that reordering is super easy.  I tend to buy my contacts in 2-3 month increments (so I don't have to fork over a huge chunk of change for a years' supply all at once) and it makes is super easy to re-order.  They remember what I ordered last time so a couple of clicks and I can get more sent out to me!

So if you are looking for a new contacts provider I really would reccomend 1800Contacts!

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.  I really use 1800Contacts and would recommend them!


  1. I always feel much more put together with my contacts in as well. Question, does 1800Contacts do anything with insurance information? I'm wondering if my contacts would be cheaper than using my insurance but if they allow insurance to be used maybe I could get them even cheaper!

    Sending you sunshine,

  2. Rachael,

    If you have an out of network contact lens benefit in your vision plan they will work with your insurance. You can find out more about that here: