The 3rd Revolution!

Today I have a fun new online project and crafts community to share with you all: it's the 3rd Revolution!

The 3rd Revolution is a place to organize, showcase and collaborate on the awesome things you make! 

Here's how it works:

Organize: Keep track of all of your projects with their free online gallery, or start a project journal for complex products!

Share: Easily share your projects and the story behind them through your social media sites and within the community

Collaborate: Get feedback on your projects from the online community of the 3rd Revolution

 So of course I had to give it a try! In just a couple minutes I had my own profile set up and uploaded my very first project:

Bam! There's my Coral and Chain Necklace on the big screen! :) After just a couple clicks more I had my next project posted to my profile and ready for comments and feedback Uploading projects was super easy and not time consuming at all.

Another part of uploading your projects is tagging them into categories to make it easier for fellow craft enthusiasts to find your projects and for you find them as well!

 So, in the days of our Pinterest crazed society, what makes 3rd Revolution different than just another online gallery to add your projects to? I think that the community on 3R is what really makes it stand out from other sites out there.  There is a real encouragement to post your projects while they are in progress and not just when they arein the final stage all primped and prepped and ready for that final glamor blog short.

For example, I love this project posted by Katy Cornell where she expresses her frustration while coming up with a layout for a statement necklace she was working on.

I COMPLETELY understand.  Sometimes I go into my craft room and try and work on a new project and just sit for an hour pushing beads around on my workspace without being to figure out ANYTHING that looks good.  How nice to be able to have a community of fellow crafters who understand that and would be able to provide some feedback!

And there are tons of other categories on 3R besides jewelry making - there is quilting, sewing, wood carving, and even more manly things like building and car projects!

To learn more about 3rd Revolution and create your own free profile to start uploading your own free projects, visit!

This is a sponsored post.  All ideas and opinions are my own.