To Bang or Not to Bang

Preface: this post is about hair.  I had a flash back to the early days of American Idol with that many bangs in that blog title.

For awhile now I've been on the side-swept bang bandwagon. Exhibit A:
 This was taken shortly after my last hair cut. I'm digging it!

However, I don't get my hair cut too much, so eventually my bangs grow out into the kind of blehhh area. I've reached that area and have been meaning to go in for my next hair cut when....

I watched Something Borrowed with Gennifer Goodwin in it looking SO FABULOUS in the full bang she-bang.



And then I start thinking to myself....what if I tried more full bangs???

So, it's 9:30PM on a Thursday night and I've drank a whole bottle of wine so I took this GLORIOUS photo of myself on my mac:
can't believe i just posted that :)

And then went to town uploading faux bang hairstyles!

My hair really isn't that dark, but the website I used didn't have one that matched my regular color really.

What do you think - could I pull it off??? My hair is not super thick - but not super fine.  Somewhere in the middle leaning toward the fine side.  I wonder if it will be full enough to have good coverage and not just end up all oily and spread out in clumps over my forehead at the end of the day.  I feel like bangs are such a major commitment as well - I'll be stuck with them for at LEAST a good six months to a year until they grow out. Le sigh. decisions decisions.

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: I'm sorry you believed me when I told you having bangs was cool again. 
Funny Encouragement Ecard: Good luck with that major hair committment you just made by cutting your bangs.


  1. oh totally go for the bangs! my vote is style #3 with choppier ends.


    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  2. I think the bangs look good on you. Especially pic. #2. Go for it!

  3. I'm contemplating bangs again, but my hair is so oily. They are easy to cut yourself though! That helps with the maintenance part.

  4. I had side bangs and went for full on bangs. I loved them in the beginning but my hair is too fine and they would get oily and clumpy. The nice thing about full on bangs is that you can brush them to the side and make them side bangs again. I am happy I tried them though because it was fun to try out a new look.I say go for it and give them a try! I think they would look cute on you.

  5. I rock bangs! I love them and think my face looks weird without them. One thing I can't live without is dry shampoo!! Its not just for dirty hair either. I put it on after styling and helps with the texture and keeps them from looking oily by the end of the day.