My Favorite Idea for Save the Dates

It's that time of year season!

I've had a few friends get engaged recently and it makes me so excited for their upcoming weddings! Weddings are just the best, am I right??

Weddings are NOT the best for your wallet though.  I know! We got married less than a year and a half ago! However we were very budget conscious during our wedding plans. I had just graduated college, and we were buying a house and getting married at the same time.  We didn't want to start out life in debt from a one day event.  You can see all of my tips on how to have a cheap wedding I posted before, but I wanted to repost on one of my FAVORITE ways I cut costs for my wedding: the save the dates!

Here's what our Save the Date's looked like:

Not too shabby, right? I designed them myself on a free picture editing program, and then got them printed as postcards.   Want to know how much it cost me to get them printed? 8 bucks! I LOVE A GOOD DEAL!!!

I uploaded my own image to Vistaprint (paid $1 for that) and then had 100 cards printed and shipped to me for a total of $8. I mean, it doesn't get much better than that! All because I had an AWESOME coupon! And there are always tons of Coupons for Vistaprint available.

Another great thing about sending out these Save the Dates as post cards is that I only had to use post card stamps which are cheaper. So TOTAL for postage and cards I spent only around $30. I mean, can you beat that????


I could NOT have been happier with Vistaprint for these Save the Dates.  They looked cute, were super cheap, had quality printing, and were super functional! If you are looking for ways to cut back costs on a wedding this is such a perfect place to start! So spread the word to any brides you know - affordable weddings ARE attainable and this is the perfect way to start!

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