I Banged.

I banged! 

You may remember this post where I played around with a virtual hair style site and considered getting full bangs like so:

So here is the before:

And here is the after!

I think I like them. They are a fun change.  I don't think I'll keep them forever, but for now :) In hind sight, I wish I would have waited for fall though.  They sure do make my forehead sweaty in this summer heat.  But, I've always had a sweaty head. Family trait. So glamorous I know.

Anyway they are here to stay for now! Do you think they make me look older or younger? In some ways, I hope older. I have a professional job and I try to act older than I am :) In other ways though, I hope they make me look younger. I mean, I'm ONLY 22 and I NEVER get carded at the liquor store! I mean, I should have started started buying alcohol a long time ago (just kidding!)


  1. Your "after" photo is not showing...! I'm sure they look cute!

  2. ha - sweaty head ;) I love them!! I'm thinking about doing the same in a few months...maybe if I want a change after the baby!! :)