DIY Irish Blessing Sign

We've recently "revamped" our family room a bit....(aka I finally repainted after the color I chose a year ago was NOT what I wanted!) I'm working towards putting in some finishing touches with decorative accents, and decided to DIY a few of course!

I thought I would DIY a "home" related sign and went in search of a nice quote to use.  I settled on an Irish Blessing - both my husband and I have a good amount of Irish in our blood and so I felt like I had a bit of a connection to the quote:

May you always have 
walls for the winds
and a roof for the rain,
Laughter to cheer you
and those you love near you

Here's how I put it on my sign:

I did this sign quick and easy with supplies on hand - no pre-planning involved :)

First thing was to paint an art canvas with some craft paint. 

Next, I typed the quote out into my Silhouette Studio and cut out my text using white vinyl

I used transfer paper to grab the letters of the vinyl:

And then laid it down on my canvas and smoothed it out with a credit card and VERY SLOWLY pulled the transfer paper off while pushing with the credit card to keep the letters on the canvas.

Voila! The base paint is kind of shiny so it was a little hard to photograph.

It's currently displayed on one of the book shelves in our family room.  I might tweak things a bit as I fill up the cases but here it is for now:

A cute little saying and certainly applicable after we received some unexpected news this week. My husband may be laid off but we still have our home and each other and wonderful friends and family.

A nice reminder when I'm in a not-so-nice mood lately and a cute project to display.  The fact that it's Irish like we are and that I made it makes it so much more special than anything I could have bought!

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