Towel Bar Accessories Organizer

As a big girly girl, and especially as a girly girl who makes jewelry, I have a decent amount of accessories. And ever since the large/chunky/statement necklace trend hit, my poor little jewelry box has not been able to keep up.

I needed some sort of solution to easily store all of my big necklaces.... I remember seeing SOMWHERE on pinterest someone using a towel bar to store jewelry, so I decided that might be an easy fix!

So far it has been the PERFECT solution. No permanent holes in my walls and it was very cheap!  The towel bar hit over any regular door and has rods perfect to store accessories off of.

The bottom rod holds most of my necklaces.  I bought "S" shower curtain hooks from Target and hung them off the bottom rod, leaving another end free to hang necklaces off of.

I bought plain circular shower curtain connectors from Walmart for about 2 bucks to store my scarves with.  All I had to do was make a simple knot with the scarf onto the circle and then open the circle and attach it to the top rod.

The middle rod left some room for some of my chunkier bib necklaces

So many pretty necklaces!!!! I love being able to see them all out in the open now - I wear so many more of them!

I bought my towel bar from a local bed bath and beyond, but you can also find them pretty cheap from amazon.  Here are two I found quick (affiliate links):


Now I can check necklace and scarf storage off my accessories organization just to tackle the bazillion earrings I've got!!!

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  1. I have hooks over the bedroom door but this would give me so much room to add scarves. Thanks for sharing!

    Michelle @ On A Wing And A Prayer

  2. Thats a fabulous idea.I a pinning it to my organization board!

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  3. great idea! i need something that is out of reach of little toddler hands.