Weekend Adventures and EMPLOYMENT

The last two weekends I've enjoyed two little weekend getaways that I would share a few photos of since I've been a little MIA on the crafty front as of late!!

Two weekends ago hubby and I went over to Ocean City New Jersey where my parents have a real big RV parked every summer.  Our plans for our dog sitter fell through...so we surprised my parents and brought our puppy too :) My mom was less than enthralled (Jefferson is only 9 months and still a little excitable) but he was pretty good.

We took Jefferson to a doggy beach on our last day there - it was so much fun! Jefferson is only 30 pounds so not quite big enough to really go swimming in the ocean.  I tried to get him to go in for sure though! He just kept running away from all the waves. There were other full size golden doodles swimming but Jefferson is only medium sized and I think he got more of the poodle swimming abilities than the golden. He still had fun chasing around tennis balls and seeing all the other doggies :)

In other news... my hubby got a new job!!!! Some of you might remember we got some unexpected news about three weeks ago that my husband got laid off out of the blue from his job.  Well I am so happy to report that after only a week and a half of being unemployed...he got a new job! Man, we are SO GRATEFUL. It's just such a HUGE relief.  His new job is in the same field (IT) but is actually a little closer than his old job was! YAY!
Here he is on his first day last week. Ow ow my husband is sexy :) And YES, he did have to start his first day with a cane.  He sprained his ankle hiking two days before. Oh boy....

One thing I really like about his new job is that its only about 10 minutes from my job and he has to take an hour lunch at this new job so we get to see each other for lunch pretty often! This week we already went grocery shopping together at lunch.  THAT is how the magic happens.  Haha :)

Then this past weekend I went down to the other Ocean City in Maryland with some of my college girlfriends! It was such a fun and relaxing trip. The hotel we stayed at had a back patio area that overlooked the bay which was such a nice way to enjoy breakfast:

And then of course I got to spend some time reading on the beach (I love my kindle!)

And some more time relaxing by the hotel pool.  Did I mention the hotel had an outdoor bar? Strawberry daiquiris all around!!

And of course us we got to dress up and go dancing and drinking some more since it was just us girls :) I love this dress I got from Ross for only $13 

Do you know it's really hard to get your eyes to look at the right thing when you are taking a picture with your iphone facing yourself???

On our last night we went to this restaurant called Tequila Mockingbird (haha - get it???) and I had the most DELICIOUS chimichanga in the world.  The fact that we didn't get dinner until 9:45PM and all I had had since breakfast were strawberry daiquiris and cookies might have had a LITTLE to do with that decision, but it was still seriously so good.

So good as in I might even driver back to Maryland JUST to eat it again.  And because it was a nice beach.  I've grown up going to Ocean City New Jersey (it's a fairly quick drive for us Philly Suburbs folks) and so going to a beach that doesn't require you to pay for beach tags OR make you swim between this tinnnny little crowded distance between two flags when there is the WHOLE DANG OCEAN open was a nice change.

So I've enjoyed two nice mini getaways recently and I'm actually going on my first cruise later this month with the in-laws! I might post on that a little before for some advice on formal outfits to wear!!


  1. Congrats on the new job! That dress is darling! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. So happy to hear your hubby has found new employment.


  3. Fantastic news about your hubby finding a job so soon. You see everything happens for a reason and it seems that it worked out perfectly for you both.

  4. This post made me VERY jealous! I love reading on the beach and strawberry daiquiris and mexican food =) Congrats on your hubby's new job, I hope he likes it!

    Your pup is absolutely adorable!!!!!

    I am a new follower. I just started a new personal blog after being away for about a year and a half. Come check me out at thecraftypractitioner.blogspot.com

  5. Congratulations! I knew it wouldn't take long! I am soooo happy for you guys and proud of your husband. Yay!

  6. Great news about your hubbys new job!


  7. Congrats to your hubby on the new job!!! Everything happens for a reason... :D

  8. if you ever need a dog sitter, hit me up girl! I'd be happy to come sit the pup. for serious. :)