Embellished Christmas Tree Frame Art

Tis the Season!!!

Ok, so it's not quiiiteeee yet the season.  Even though it's a little early (ok a lot early) I have some exciting news to share from Cousin Corporation so we can just start celebrating Christmas a little early!!

Cousin is launching their "Tis the Season" line in all AC Moore stores this month! The line is full of fun winter themed beads and Christmas components perfect for some holiday crafting. To celebrate, I got in the holiday spirit last week and started crafting with these light bulb beads and star beads from the line!

I came up with a simple little Christmas Tree Frame Art

I used embroidery fabric as my base and traced the size of a picture frame using an embroidery marker to gauge how big to make my tree. Next I cut a Christmas tree shape out of felt and used liquid stitch to attach it to the fabric.  I considered using a blanket stitch to secure it down (and you totally could!) but I decided to try to make this project a little less "crafty" looking.

After the liquid stitch was dry I put my fabric into an embroidery hoop and started to embellish with the tis the season charms!

Using embroidery thread I sewed on a star at the top of the tree

And then I sewed the lights to the tree as well. I loved these little beads! They were so fun to craft with.

 After I was done decorating my tree, I wrapped the fabric around some cardboard and put it into my frame!

Some of my other Cousin Ambassadors suggested adding some chain as a garland, or I even thought about stringing little red seed beads onto some string and adding them on like cranberries. Either of those two things might make a fun addition :)

Now I just have to wait a litttttle longer until I can actually use this to decorate for the holidays.  I haven't even put my fall decorations up yet!!


  1. The finished framed tree looks beautiful on your shelf!

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