WIWW - Peplum Skirt Edition

It's been forever since I've done a fashion post! I was digging this outfit I wore this week though so I thought I'd share a What I Wore Wednesday again.

One of the nice things about my hubby getting a new job after he was unexpectedly laid off is that we work pretty close to each other and met up at my parents house most days on our lunch hour! He leaves every morning before I even get up most days so getting to see him in the middle of the day if such a nice way to break up the day.  So this week I got him to snap a photo of my outfit while we were at lunch :)

Skirt: Target. Top: Shop in France. Shoes: Payless. Neckalce: Styled by Tori Spelling.

I got this skirt this week on clearance from Target for only 6 BUCKS. I was so pumped! I love peplum. It's so fun and flirty! And peplum for six bucks is even better :) Especially since its a stretchy knit and super comfy to wear to all day at work.

It took me forever to figure out what to wear with the violet color, but I finally settled on a dark gray shirt. I wore it with one of the necklaces from my Styled by Tori Spelling goodies I crafted with.

 It's getting to that point in PA where is slowwwwly creeping toward fall temperatures.  I wish it would make up its mind though - today there is a high of 91 but on Saturday the high is only 66. What?? I for one vote for fall to get here ASAP. But I guess in the mean time I will enjoy bare legs and arms and wait just a litttttle longer to get into full on crazy pumpkin spice mode :)

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  1. You look fab in this! The peplum is so flattering.


  2. I'm generally not one to say anything but this is to tight. You are such a cute young woman. This outfit molds to every inch of your body. Makes you look bigger than you really are.Now if you like tight stuff fine, just wanted to give you and honest opinion(yes everyone has one but not everyone will tell the truth). Kind of like the king and his new clothes he didn't have on. Oh you're to young don't even know that story book. Just thought you might like my idea but maybe not. Your choice what to wear and look like in public. Again I'm not trying to be mean.

  3. tljwlj, you can post a mean comment and end with "im not trying to be mean" but that doesn't make it not mean. i don't appreciate it. you say its my "choice what to wear in public" like i am walking around like a slut when that is not the case in the least. Next time you can keep your "honest opinion" to yourself