10 Free Necklace Projects from Cousin Corp & Prima Bead

I love being an ambassador with Cousin Corp. - any company that wants to help feed my need for beads is golden in my book :) But Cousin and their sister site Prima Bead really have a lot to offer jewelry makers of all levels.  They post lots of free projects on their sites and today I am sharing 10 of my favorite necklaces!

You can check out all of the free jewelry projects from Cousin here, and from Prima bead here.

Rosalia Silver Drop Necklace

Haven Necklace from Cousin Corp
Haven Necklace 

Serena Necklace by Prima Bead
Serena Seed Bead Braided Necklace & Matching Earring Set

Elle Necklace by Cousin Corp
Elle Necklace 

Isis Necklace by Prima Bead
Isis Necklace 

Aubrey Necklace by Cousin Corp
Aubrey Necklace 
Blair Gold Chain & Beadelle Necklace 
Jessica Necklace by Cousin Corp
Jessica Necklace 
Kandace Teal Acrylic Necklace 
Heather Necklace by Cousin Corp
Heather Necklace
Hope this helps to get your inspiration rolling! Each link leads to supply lists and step by step instructions.  If you like a project but don't quite understand the steps, let me know and perhaps I can put together a photo tutorial to help out a little.  Happy Beading!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing these! I'm always looking for jewelry designs. =)