DIY Chain & Charm Necklace

Most of the time my jewelry making projects are sparked by materials: from just playing around with different beads and waiting for inspiration to hit. That's really where this necklace came from. I got these two different beads from a bead show over a year ago. When I cut them off their strands and put them in a bead organizer I put them right next to each other. I just love how turquoise and gold look together!

So finally, after about a year of staring at the beads in their neighborhing cubbies, I decided to make something with them (I have bead hoading problems and bead project usage commitment issues...)

I started by making links with my gold beads.  To do so, string them onto an eye pin and create a simple loop on the other end.

Next, I grabbed a bunch of different sizes of gold chain. I wanted a little variety and spice in this necklace. That's how spicey my life is. Different chunky chain in one necklace. WOWZAS watch out folks. If you can't hadle this much spice feel free to use just one type of chain.

I cut my chain into about two inch incraments and attached them together with a gold bead link,

And then to keep things spicey, I made THREE strands. Ow ow. You just can't keep up with this necklace can you? You can make more or less strands depending on how chunky you like your necklaces. Or depending on how chunky you like your men. Or depending on how chunky you like your applesauce. All of these things have chunks. Ok. Scratch all that.  Make how many strands you like based on how chunky you like your necklaces and lets keep men and applesauce out of it.

Next I took those pretty little turquoise beads and strung them onto a head pin and created another simple loop at the top.

Then I attached the charms to the middle of the different chain links. I bet you weren't expecting that were you? Ok. maybe you were since I posted a picture of the end result of this necklace at the beginning of this post. You sneaky little fools.

After all my charms were added on, I attached all three strands to a jump ring and added on a clasp to finish off the necklace. 
And that's all there is too it!

What a beautiful combo. I just love these two colors together.


  1. Oh I really like this one! Maybe I will steal the idea for one of my Handmade Holiday gifts :) Also I get to see you in like a month and a week!!!

  2. This is beautiful! I even love it without the blue beads... just the gold looks fabulous! :)

    xo Always, Abby

  3. I love the colours together too! I don't know where you find the patience to make all those little loops though~

  4. This tutorial was so well done Rebecca! You should be very proud of your craftiness. The turquoise beads complements the gold so well.