DIY Burlap and Glitter Christmas Trees

It's Officially Christmas Season!!!!!

I for one am so excited to start sharing some Christmas crafts. I'm sharing my most time consuming craft first so you can set some time aside to work on it if you want to make some for yourself :)

I actually got the idea for these trees from Target.  It would have cost $25 to buy two trees and I just didn't feel like spending that much when I knew I could make something similar.  They were quite time consuming to make with all time I put into them it might have just been worth buying :) But I had fun making them and catching up on episodes of Breaking Bad (PS: OH MY GOSH!!! I only have two episodes to go.  No one tell me what happens!!!)

So if you have some shows to catch up on, here's a fun craft to start for the holiday season.

Needed to make your own trees: cardboard tree forms, tacky glue, glitter, and burlap.  Mine was a laminated burlap from Michaels so it didn't fray as much when I cut it out.


Cut a scalloped pattern out of cardboard and trace out a bunch of petals on the burlap.

Cut out your petals

Outline the edges of the petal with tacky glue (regular white elmers glue works too!)

While the glue is still wet, sprinkle on some glitter

Shake off the excess and let dry. Repeat. Repeat, and repeat a whole lot more.  You will need a lot of these!!!

After all your petals are done, hot glue them onto the cardboard tree form

After everything is glued on, this is how your trees should look!

I just love how these trees turned out. I'm going to be decorating with a lot of gold in my Christmas season decor this year so these should fit right in. The neutral of the burlap though makes me think that they would go with most decor.

The touch of sparkle of the edges of these trees is just so cute!

So even though they were a little time consuming...they mean much more to me now than something I might have bought at Target for $25 bucks.  Call me DIY crazy ;) Merry Christmas and here's to a new crafty season!!!

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  1. Saw these at Target and wanted to make them from scratch too! But then laziness took over. LOL. I love how they turned out!

    Aki @ Minted Strawberry

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