Prepping your Bathroom for the Holidays with Cottonelle

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With the holidays coming up, we are bound to have more guests over.  I'm at that phase in my life where about half of my friends are married and in their own place, and the rest still with their parents.  So basically we have friends over a lot because we have our own space and don't have to worry about waking up parents at 11PM while we are laughing and drinking and being merry (man, being a grown up is fun!). So with Christmas around the corner and the season of polyannas and ugly Christmas Sweater parties, I'm sure we will be having guests over a bunch.

I try to keep our downstairs powder room fresh, clean and decorated to look nice for when we have visitors. It was painted tan when we moved in, so I just added a couple of fun accents like some purple flowers, candles, a painting, and other accessories.  I have a wallflower from Bath and Body Works plugged in to make it smell good, and always make sure to give the sink and toilet areas a good wipe down before we have guests come over. 

I can prep my bathroom to be clean and neat before we have friends over, but I never thought there was much I could do beforehand to prevent walking into the bathroom halfway through the evening to THIS:

Ugh. Isn't that just the worst???? My husband is TERRIBLE at changing the toilet paper roll, as are most of my guy friends who come over.  Us ladies have a little more manors...but still. Always being the one stuck with changing the roll is annoying!!

And, in the sake of all honesty, I do use a LOT of toilet paper.  I know this for a fact because senior year of college I shared a suite with three other girls.  Our bathroom got cleaned and restocked with toilet paper once a week. We would ALWAYS run out before the week was done! We literally would go around looking for the cleaner's carts in the hallway to snatch up extra rolls because they would never leave us enough! least that's what we thought.  Until halfway through senior year I graduated early and moved out, and my old roommates got a new suite mate.    They never had a problem with running out of toilet paper anymore.... SOOOO I guess it was just me who had that problem.

Seriously, I don't know, I just use as much as I think I need??? Well I guess it's more than most ;)

So between me using massive amounts of toilet paper and a hubby and some guests who never change the roll, I was in need of a solution before entertaining season gets too far underway this season.

Luckily, while shopping at Target this weekend, I found it!!

Cottonelle's Triple Roll is THREE times as large as a regular roll of toilet paper, meaning it should last THREE times as long...which means I can go THREE times longer than regular before I have to change the roll :) But to help things along, I added a toilet paper holder into our powder room to keep some extra rolls nice and close:

This way my guest won't have to feel awkward digging around under the sink to find another roll of toilet paper, and maybe, JUST maybe, keeping it in sight will make it easier for my husband to change the roll as well. A girl can hope....

Between a triple roll of toilet paper and extra rolls on hand, I'm looking forward to spending LESS time in the bathroom changing rolls this holiday season and much more time with my guests!!

How about YOU need to spend a little less time in the bathroom this year?? If so I've got a GREAT coupon for you to try out Cottonelle:

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Happy Holidays and Happy Toilet Paper Shopping to All!!!! :)

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