DIY Festive Burlap Wreath

Christmas is THIS WEEK! I'm looking forward to feeling festive and spending time with our families. I have off on Christmas Eve and Day so I'm looking forward to the short work week as well :) Before it gets too close to Christmas though I have one more holiday DIY project to share!

I gave a nice sneak peak of this project when I shared my Christmas shelves, but I thought I would share a little more in depth how I made my new Christmas wreath!

DIY Festive Burlap Wreath

I guess it isn't the most Christmas looking... but it still seems festive to me with the glittery burlap and the glittery gold poinsettia flower.  I seem to be decorating with much more gold and glitter this year than with traditional Christmas colors and decor - but I like it :)

I found this pretty glittery burlap from Michaels. Much more fancy than just plain burlap :)

I cut it into long strips

And wrapped it around a Styrofoam wreath form and secured it with hot glue.  

All wrapped up and ready to decorate!

I bought a pretty gold flower and two fancy beaded sprays from Michaels. 

I used hot glue to attach them the beaded picks

And the flower actually came with a clip on the bottom so I just clipped it onto the stems.

I originally made the wreath to hang on my front door like so:

But I decided to switch things up with my inside decor colors this year so I brought it inside and put it on my old window in my family room!

I put my Christmas Ball Wreath back on my front door which makes the front of my house look more festive.We don't have any outlets on the outside of our house so we can't put any lights up, so this little wreath is about as festive as it's going to get on the outside :)

Well now I'm festive inside and outside with my wreaths! My burlap wreath will be nice to keep all winter season though, it's not tooooo Christmasy. Which I'm glad for because now I don't have to redecorate after Christmas is over!!! I'm all set for the winter season as well :)
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  1. Super beautiful wreath!
    It looks very elegant :)

    I wish you a very Merry Christmas

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