DIY Silver Sparkle Necklace

I think that every girl deserves some sparkly jewelry.  I'm sitting here typing this while watching the Golden Globes and there is PLENTY of sparkly jewelry on display. Most of that sparkly jewelry is from thousands and thousands of DIAMONDS on display which sure looks pretty but is not very practical for most of us :)

MY DIY for this week gives plenty of sparkle. It may not have any diamonds in it but will make any regular girl sparkle and and give any outfit a little extra pizzaz! This necklace uses four different silver crystal beads to make a statement necklace that is unique and expensive looking for only a fraction of the cost!

Here are the beads I used for the necklace:
 I used two different sized briolette/teardrop beads, crystal rondels, and crystal faceted round beads. I got all of these at a bead show, but you could find similar ones at your local bead/craft store or online. Here are some similar teardrop beads, rondelles, and round beads.

Also needed but not pictured for this necklace are head pins, stringing wire, crimp beads, jump rings, chain, a clasp, and pliers.

 The first step is to string all of your tear drop beads onto headpins and create a simple loop by bending the wire back 90 degrees directly above the bead with needle nose pliers, trimming the wire with wire cutters until there is only about a half inch tail, and then using round nose pliers to bend the wire back into a loop.

 Cut two lengths of chain and attach the small tear drop beads on a shorter piece of chain and the larger beads on a longer piece of chain. Attach the beads to the chain by stringing the loop through the chain link and then squeeze the wire loop shut with needle nose pliers.

 Here is how the two chain lengths should look:

 Next up is the round and rondelle beads. String both onto beading wire  - I used  Beadalon. I also use scotch tape to protect the ends and keep the beads from all falling off while I'm working with them!

I used crimp beads to attach jump rings to the end of each strand by threading on a crimp bead, a jump ring, and then threading the wire back through the crimp bead.

Squeeze the crimp bead closed with needle nose pliers and trim the excess wire with wire cutters.

Do the same for the other side as well, and for the other strand of beads

Lay out all strands in length order

Grab a jump ring and use needle nose pliers to string all the strands onto the jump ring on each side of the necklace.

This is how the bib part of the necklace should look:

Open up another small jump ring and attach a piece of chain to each side of the necklace

Almost done! All that's left is to attach a clasp

Use needle nose pliers to attach jump rings and a lobster claw clasp to the ends of the chain

After that, you're all done!

I love my new necklace. It adds the perfect amount of sparkle to any outfit!

I had a fancy lunch to go to with my family but I didn't feel like dressing up too much - so I wore some leggings and a nice sweater and then made the outfit fancy with some high heels and this sparkly necklace! It worked out perfect - I was still comfy but looked fancy from my accessories.

I think this necklace has such an elegant feel but it's REALLY easy to make! It's almost like cheating: just use fancy beads and basic beading skills and you can make a stunning necklace that looks like a million bucks! Ok. Maybe not a million. But mayybbeeee at least $100 :)


  1. Wow, that is a gorgeous necklace, looks brilliant on as well!


  2. OOooh so sparkly. I think my mom would love it, she loves "sparkly" things. That looks so good on you and goes well with the shirt you have on. Great work, Rebecca.

  3. This is lovely- I would totally wear it! Great job:)

  4. This necklace is looking astonishing and yes it is having an elegant look and one can wear this necklace with black outfit as it will compliment with a black dress. Definitely you had made your outfit fancy with this necklace. You might have got some compliments at the lunch with family. I am fond of necklaces especially in silver. I like to dress well in parties and I have to attend parties almost three to five times in a month and this is why I need different accessories. Recently, at the New Year party I was invited to one of my friend’s place. I wore a black dress and high heels and had a silver clutch that was matching my outfit. My silver eternity necklace with a bracelet was perfect with the outfit. I had purchased it online last month. You can also have a look here for further reference

  5. Wow, that is so pretty, and your tutorial is so clear. I will have to rummage in by beads box to see if I have anything suitable to make an "inspired by" version. Thanks.

  6. I love this necklace! I have been wanting to learn how to make jewelry for a long time and this necklace really makes me want to learn. Just beautiful.

  7. Ditto to the inspiration.....just doing mental audit of beads/colors I have for combo's! Thanks for a giving me a boost!

  8. Hey, loved the combination of silver jewellery with the dresses !!Diy jewelries are the best and affordable !


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