Valentines Day Heart Bead Bunting


This month the project for the Cousin Creative Circle for Cousin Corp was to create a project with a Valentines Day theme! We had the option of making jewelry or a non-jewelry craft. I made two projects and both of them were not jewelry!! Seems funny to me...I post so many jewelry tutorials here on the blog and then I get a project FOR a jewelry supplies company and I do something that's not jewelry!!

Oh well, I still think this project turned out adorable and I hope it brings some diversity to the other projects. I decided to make a cute little bunting for Valentines Day that features some heart beads!

I love how girly and feminine it is - perfect for Valentines Day or to just decorate a baby shower or little girls room!

To make this project you will need a couple sheets of scrapbook paper, doilies, bakers twine, Heart Beads, string and hot glue. 

We'll start by making the paper fans. Cut the scrapbook paper into four square pieces.   

Fold two of them up accordion style

Bend each in half in the middle and run a line of hot glue down the edge of one

Attach the other onto the hot glue

Use a matching color thread to tie a knot around the center to keep the center gathered

Depending on the size of your doilies, you might have to trim your fan down. Bend the fan onto itself and trim off any extra length 

This is how it should look after it's trimmed:

Hot glue each side together and you have yourself a cute little fan!

Next, use a couple strands of hot glue to attach the fan to the doilies.
(At this point I would like you all to pause and take a moment to admire my beautifully french manicured thumb. This is a very rare thing so me. May this photo ever document it)

Use a little more glue to attach a heart bead to the center of the fan

Repeat until you have enough fans to make a banner.  String bakers twine through the tops of the doilies to attach them into a bunting. 

And here's the finished product:

It looks pretty cute hanging up in my craft room above my magnetic bead board

It would also make a great back-drop for a cute little Valentines Day set-up!

Such a cute little decoration for super cheap: the doilies were from the dollar store, my paper was $3 at Target, the beads were $4 (and you will have a lot left over!) and I already had the bakers twine on hand. Simple, affordable, and adorable!

Instead of stringing each little doilie bundle onto a bunting you could attach it to a stripped straw to make a cupcake topper too!

But I like it best as a bunting, and the pretty pink and purple heart beads add the perfect touch to make this a great decoration for Valentines Day!

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  1. This is such a wonderful project!!
    It's cute, beautiful colors, it's feminine - everything that I like

  2. Love it! This bunting would be so cute for baby or wedding showers. Or little girl birthday parties!