Top Men Titanium Ring Picks

Shawn wasn't very picky about the style of ring we got him for our wedding, but he knew he wanted it to be of either a Titanium or Tungsten metal. They are supposed to be pretty hardcore "manly" metals so I think that is what he liked most about them. So we got him a ring before we got married (as normal haha) and it has worked out well....until he went and lost 30 pounds. Yup! Last winter he went on a diet and just up and dropped thirty pounds. Good job husband. Now if only I had too :) 

But anyway, now that he is a good deal lighter his fingers are skinnier! His ring has gotten pretty loose as well especially when he is cold or washing dishes or something, his ring has flown off his finger many times.  So I've been looking into finding a new ring for him that WON'T go flying across the room when he waves his hand around. A good idea dontcha think??

In my search for a new wedding band I was introduced to Apples of Gold!
Apples of Gold Jewelry

Apples of Gold is a faith based online jewelry retailer that cuts out the middle man of jewelry production to offer affordable jewelry pieces that are still high-end products. They specialize in their Apples of Gold Wedding Bands Collection but offer many different types of jewelry including christian jewelry, vintage style jewelry, genuine gemstones and more. 

I particularly like their offering of titanium wedding bands as you can see from the graphic above! I like the fairly plain look for a men's wedding band and there are plenty that fit my style.  Of course, I'm not the one who would be wearing it so maybe I should double check with my hubby :)

 This post is sponsored by Apples of Gold but all opinions are my own

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