DIY Neon Zumba Workout Tank with Tulip

 Even though it is currently SNOWING at my house the calendar tells me that spring can't be tooooo far away...(RIGHT???) Spring just shouts bright colors to me, especially neon colors! So while it has been cold and snowy and dreary lately I've been doing some neon crafting with the folks at I Love to Create and their fun Tulip neon packs in anticipation of the coming spring months!

I was sent a couple of goodies to play with including Tulip Fabric Markers, Tulip Dimensional Mini 3 Packs, and Tulip One- Step Mini Tie-Dye Kits

You can pick up these exclusive products at your local Michaels Arts & Crafts store. For those folks without a Michaels store in your area, you can order the products at is currently offering free shipping on any neon Tulip product for the month of February when you use coupon code NeonFEB (ends February 28th).

So much neon to pick from!! I was most intrigued by the fabric markers so I decided to use them to make a cute new workout tank.

I've talked before about how I really got into Zumba this past year and I've been on a workout kick lately (more info on this soon!) so making a Zumba workout tank seemed very practical to me! I love how it turned out and I can't wait to wear it to my next class.

To make my tank I first bought a plain razorback tanktop from Target.  The fabric markers work best on lighter colors, so keep that in mind while you are shopping!

I tested out the markers on the inside hem of the back of the tank to see which would show up most prevalently, and the neon orange color worked the best for me and my tank. 

Next I cut out a stencil with vinyl using my Silhouette.

I used transfer paper to transfer the stencil directly onto the shirt.

I peeled off the transfer paper and was left with a convenient stencil to color in! Before I started coloring I sandwiched a piece of cardboard between the two layers of the shirt to make sure the markers wouldn't bleed through.

After I was done coloring with the fabric markers I added a little extra touch with some of the Tulip Puffy paint with dot accents on the crown.

Here is the finished product!

I like how the phrase and the tank both look a little washed-out so the neon isn't too intense. If you wanted to be able to see the words a little better you could try a white tank, but I personally like the almost vintage feel my pink/orange combo gave!

Alright now, who's ready to go shake your hips and shimmy your rump around??? I'm in the mood for some Zumba!!

It might still be cold and snowy, but at least I can wear my bright new tank top to work up a sweat at Zumba and look forward to spring!!

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This post is sponsored by Tulip in Collarboraiton with The Blueprint Social but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I want one! I need to come up to PA so we can use that tie dye kit together :)

  2. I love it! However, did you check in to copyright with the use of "Zumba"?

    1. It's not in the zumba font and she's not selling it. Don't think it'd be a problem.

  3. Looks very professional. (I need to Zumba myself.)

  4. Your shirt is awesome! I've always wanted to try zumba.....I think it would definitely rev my system!