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DIY Wire Wrapped Rhinestone Leather Bracelet

Monday, March 17, 2014 |
I'm not a big bracelet wearer.  I have big wrists so most bracelets in the stores don't fit me so I don't ever buy myself bracelets. I also find them kind of annoying to wear - in school they would always get in the way of writing notes all day and now at work they clank on my desk all day. Not the most convenient accessory in my opinion!

Even if they aren't convenient, I suppose there are some pretty cute bracelets out there.  I've seen a lot of rhinestone bracelets recently so I thought I would put my own spin on the style with this Wire Wrapped Rhinestone Leather Bracelet!

And so even though I think they are annoying to wear, I do really love how this bracelet turned out so I think I can make an exception to wear this one out!

To make this bracelet you will need: leather bracelet base, metal clasp endcaps, rhinestone chain24 gauge wire and E-600 glue.

The first step is to attach one end of the clasp to the leather band using E-600 glue. 

Let dry for about 10 minutes

Then cut a LONG piece of wire and wire wrap a few wraps around the base of the clasp

Lay your rhinestone chain on top of the leather band. Wire-wrap two times around each rhinestone. You can use scotch tape to help hold the chain along the leather as you work your way down the bracelet.

After you are almost at the end of the leather cut the rhinestone chain and wire-wrap a few times to finish off the wire strand.  Use more E-600 glue to attach the other end of the metal clasp.

My biggest tip? Don't cut the rhinestone chain to size until you are VERY close to the end of the leather bracelet. I laid my chain out before I started wrapping and cut it to the size of the leather (or so I thought) and then I guess it shrunk up as I wrapped and ended up short. So hence if you look closely you can see the gap at the end of my bracelet. Whoops!!! 

But that's the nice thing about messing up near the end of a bracelet, just flip it around to the front and it's harder to notice ;)

Even though I've got massive wrists I still like how it looks on.  Seriously though, my wrists are like my least feminine feature.  I think I need to get a hand model.

All large bones aside, this bracelet is easy to make no matter how large or small your wrist is. You can cut the leather bracelet form smaller if needed with a sharp pair of scissors. Also, don't be afraid of the wire wrapping: it's about the easiest form of wire wrapping there is!!

Anyone else out there not the biggest bracelet fan? Hopefully this will be a fun project to try and change how you feel about them just a little bit at least!


caroline said...

That's cute! It would be cool if you wrapped it with brown cord instead of the wire. I like the wire too though. You know I always prefer less bling than you though :) Great tutorial.

Tanice Wilson-Slaughter said...

I love it!! Definitely going to give this a try!! Thanks!!

Sarah Marie said...

LOVE this! :) I didn't used to be a bracelet-wearer myself, but after the 'arm party' craze of last year I finally got into them. And since I no longer work in an office, I don't have the annoying bracelet-smooshing-against-the-desk-while-typing problem anymore. So with the coming of short sleeves this spring/summer I can't wait to bust out some bracelets...and this is definitely on my list! Thanks for the awesome inspiration!

Amber Sheaves said...

This looks super cute and easy to make. I love bracelets (currently wearing 5 right now!) but I have the opposite problem as you. My wrists are tiny so I can't wear store-bought bracelets - they just fall off. So I have to make a lot of my own or find stretchy/adjustable ones.

Christina said...

hahaha you're so silly- there's nothing wrong with your wrists!! And that bracelet is super cute :)

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