Easter Weekend

In an effort to make my blog more personal this year, I figured I would share some more personal photos from weekend happenings and such! We had a lovely Easter weekend so I thought I would share a few photos quick.  A lot of these can also be found on my instagram if you want to follow along!

I hardly ever buy fresh flowers for our house but this weekend since we had friends coming over AND it was Easter and flowers were everywhere I bought a few.  I love how these pink flowers look in a collection of turquoise jars on our coffee table :)

We had two other couples over for dinner on Saturday night. I made these Chicken Caesar Flatbreads from Cassie Craves which are sooo yummy and perfect to make for company coming over as they are not very difficult to cook! I'm naughty and add a little bit of cream cheese onto the flatbread too ;)

It was fun to be able to see some friends, I feel like once spring time hits we all come out of hibernation and make more of an effort to hang out on the weekends. Hubby doesn't look too happy in this picture we took out getting fro-yo. It mightttt just be because he was the only completely sober person in this picture haha.  Hey! Friends over and wine in abundance just go hand in hand for me :) Unless you are the DD like hubby was. Then you just have to put up with us!!!

I got to spend some time crafting this weekend. I was quite productive and cranked out a bunch of new pretty earrings.  All of them are newly listed in my etsy shop and I'll have tutorial for two of them coming soon.

And of course we got to celebrate Easter this weekend. I love Easter for what it stands for: Jesus rising again and a reminder of the sacrifice he made for us, and also because it's one Sunday where you can really dress up for church and not look out of place :) I got this cute pink lace dress at Ross this weekend - it's so girly I love it!!

We had brunch with my family for our Easter meal.  My mother decided to do a "Caribbean Themed" Easter meal.  Yeah, try to come up with a Caribbean themed side dish to bring for Easter lunch and let me know how that works for you.  Um...should I bring some curried goat? Fried plantains?? In this type of situation I really wish we could have stuck to the traditional glazed ham and scalloped potatoes. In the end I brought a rice casserole as my side dish which kind of fit the Caribbean theme even though it was a Mexican recipe. Shhh don't tell :)

Hanging out with my cute niece!!!

We ended our Easter weekend with a family hike/walk/jog with our doggie Jefferson since it was so nice out. Hubby always likes to pack a full ruck for exercise when we go out. I think it's a little much :) But Jefferson looked so cute sitting next to it waiting to leave!

We  also just bought him a harness since I've been taking him out running on our local trail a lot more.  This little doggie has so much energy! He is always pulling on his collar so hard so we thought a harness would even out the strain for him.  Of course I let hubby pick it out though and he orders a freaking tactical harness for him.  Now Jefferson can even carry his own little pouches and everything on it it.  Pretty extreme if you ask me, but it did work well and tactical or not he does look pretty cute in it :)

So that's a brief overview of our Easter weekend.  I love the weekends now that it's getting a little warmer outside: I don't squirrel myself away inside all weekend trying to keep warm and actually go out and live a little more! 

What were you guys up to this weekend? Did you have a nice Easter with Family?


  1. Love that photo of the flowers! What kind of a dog is Jefferson? We have a cockapoo and they look like they could be brothers!

  2. That flatbread dish looks amazing! Back when I was in high school Wendy's used to sell chicken Caesar salad flatbread wrap sandwiches...oh my goodness they were my favorite thing ever. I love when bloggers share a bit about their personal life...all your fun photos make me want to get back on Instagram!

  3. Awwww...your puppy is so adorable!

    Your niece really looks like you : )

    Looks like a fun Easter.


  4. I just really need to hug Jefferson