Finding my Style with Kleenex

I'm still trying to refine and develop my home decor style.  We've been in our house for two year now and I think that as each season passes I'm getting a littllle better with my decor choices and placement, but there is certainly still room for improvement.

I was excited to see that for Kleenex’s 90th anniversary, they’re coming out with an innovative first: The Kleenex® Style Studio. It’s a fun, inspiring way to discover more of the Kleenex® Brand designs and products you love!

It was really cool to discover all the awesome new patterns that Kleenex has come out with - blowing your noes no longer has to be boring and mundane - it can be super stylish as well!!

Kleenex is even DESIGNER stylish now - Kleenex partnered with Isaac Mizrahi to create 4 designs to help you express your personal style and to incorporate all the latest fashion trends.  Check out the Style Finder to watch videos featuring Isaac Mizrahi providing his latest style advice!

After checking out the awesome designs online at the style finder I headed out to Target to pick up a few of my own boxes to style in my space.  I got a pretty metallic box, a graphic floral print (one of the Isaac Mizrahi designs!) and a watercolor floral box.

I decided to use the metallic box to style in one the bookshelves in my family room.  I rearranged a few things and pulled in some extra pieces to give it a fresh spring look. I'll never be a "professional stager" but for my beginner experience I think it turned out cute :)

I love how the Kleenex box looks stylish AND is functional: I go through a LOT of tissues and it's so much nicer to have them blend in and actually contribute to my decor rather being a dingy looking box on the coffee table that looks like it came straight out of my grandma's apartment.

Styling with Kleenex helped me push my design style - my favorite shelf I styled was this bottom one with the candle/book combo - so cute!! Even this shelf is functional too - I'll never be one of those bloggers who buys old books to use in their decor, I've got enough of my own laying around I need to store! I just pulled out a couple of blue books (and frantically scrapped off the ugly orange price sticker leftover from one I bought used!!) and sans pricetag I think they look nice on display.

So what do you think - can Kleenex help YOU develop your own style? Visit the style finder to get started and to play the Catwalk vs. Kleenex game for an exclusive coupon!

This post is sponsored by Kleenex but all opinions are my own!

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