Navy, Yellow & Gray DIY Wedding Shower

I was really the first in my group of friends to get married. I graduated college a semester early and got hitched shortly thereafter! It was fun being one of the first as everything was new and exciting, and it's still fun because I can celebrate with some of my best friends who are preparing for marriage with a more experienced view now. One of my best friends from high school is getting married this June and I am happy to be a bridesmaid!

This weekend us bridesmaids hosted a shower for the bride-to-be and I thought I'd share a few pictures and some easy DIYs I did for decor!

Morgan (the bride) picked Yellow, Navy and Gray as her wedding colors so we piggy backed off of that for the shower theme.  We held the shower at a local homemade food shop which had a lovely event room for us to set up all of our goodies. 

I made a super easy Tissue Paper Bunting to hang on our dessert table (great tutorial HERE). This is the best decoration EVER.  All you need is like three packs of tissue paper and it looks so cute hung up!

We had some SERIOUSLY yummy desserts made by my friend and fellow bridesmaid Kellsie:  raspberry cupcakes, strawberry shortcake skewers, and Oreo & Cookie Dough Brownies (YUM!!!)

I made a couple fancy mason jars to hold flowers.  I spray painted them yellow and then added some glitter onto the bottoms using mod podge. (Little Miss Momma has a good tutorial for this!) They were such a cheery accent for the food tables - and fresh flowers are ALWAYS a good idea for parties!
 (Also, I have sucky flower arranging skills - one of my guy friends actually did the arranging for us! Hah!)

 We had a couple other salty snacks on another table like a veggie platter, pickle sandwiches and tomato, basil and mozzarella skewers. 

I made a cute little bunting with the bride & groom's names (cut out with my silhouette) and a washi tape bunting glued onto striped paper straws and stuck into mason jars.

We had a couple of small table set up with more plain mason jars and flowers as well as  some pretty table scatter: I made a little homemade confetti and cut out a bunch of the bride and groom's names with my silhouette to scatter as well

(This was done just a littttle last minute - morning of the shower!!!) I thought it would add a nice personal touch though. Tip for making name cutouts: make sure you use the "weld" feature on the silhouette so the name cuts out as one shape.  I also used the "fill the page" feature to cut a whole bunch of names out real quick! 

 We also had a little drink station set up with water, soda and sherbert punch.  Aren't you just loving the chalkboard backslash in the background?  So easy to customize for each season!

Lastly I made a little "Bride" bunting to hang above the guest of honor's seat.  Ok ok, I'm not the bride but I was excited to get the party started!!

Here's a shot of all of us bridesmaids pre-party:

And then our guests arrived. We had some time to mingle and eat and did a quick little shower game and then let the happy couple open all of their presents!

 The full bridal party!

All and all we had a great time at the shower and seemed like all of the guests and bride did too, so that's all that really matters :) Now that the shower is done I feel like I can actually get excited for Morgan's wedding!! She's had over a year engagement so now that the shower is done and summer is right around the corner its like the wedding is really happening soon! So excited for your Morgan we love you!!!