Weight Update and Some Life Updates too!

You guys.
I did it.  I made it to 30 pounds lost before Jamaica.  I've officially lost 30 pounds! You can catch up on my weight loss journey here but basically after booking a trip to Jamaica with hubby this January I knew it was time to get serious about my weight.  Last month I was 24 pounds down and really wanted to get to an even 30 before we leave for Jamaica (on Saturday!!!)
I'm pretty freaking proud of myself. Lets all go celebrate with some margaritas! Just kidding. Those suckers are the devil. Actually they are a glass of deliciousness but have too many calories :) No margaritas for me until I hit the beach in Jamaica.  Then it's maragaritas for everyone because its an all inclusive resort, woot!
I have REALLY started to notice a difference in my face.  Yes, pants are looser which is awesome but I'm SO HAPPY my fat face is going away.  I remember looking at myself in pictures and just not feeling very pretty before I started my diet because I could just tell how much weight I had gained in my face.  It's not a nice feeling to do your hair and makeup and feel good but look in the mirror to be dissapointed.
Well things are getting better! Here's a comparison from December 2013 and just this past Easter:
Both pictures are crappy cell phone pics but havn't been edited at all.  There is totally a difference there!
Here's a comparison with better photos I had taken for use on the blog.  The left was December 2012 and the right is just under 2 weeks ago.
I think my face is actually starting to look oval again instead of circular. It feels good to be able to feel pretty again :)

Exercise has been getting a little easier.  I still aim for 7 days a week but if I miss one day a week I don't beat myself up over it.  I still don't love exercising but I don't dread it anymore either.  It's part of my routine - if I'll be busy after work I just have to get up early in the morning to do it and that's that. This morning I got up and went for a jog with Jefferson and burned 560 calories all before 8AM - what were you doing this morning?? ;)
So it's been about 4 months and I'm down 30 pounds - I'm pleased with that pace.  It's fast enough to keep me results driven but not SO fast/extreme that I can still indulge on the weekends and not feel tooooo guilty.  I know after Jamica I'm going to get right back to my diet because I've come this far, I know I can keep going! My original "goal weight" I set at the beginning was 56 pounds from where I was. That seemed like a whole lot back then but 30 pounds in it doesn't seem so scary anymore! 
I'll be sure to keep you updated along the way, I like being able to go through pasts posts and see the progression of my weight loss increments. Blogging rocks.
I thought I'd tack on a little life update onto this post as well. Cause...I got a new job out of the blue. What?? I talked about it brieftly in the past but I have been working selling insurance at State Farm office I worked at in high school and recently returned back to just about a year ago.  Well, an opportunity came up through a friend to interview to sell insurance with a local bank that had just a little more room to grow and a better pay, so I interviewed and got the job.  Then came the tough part, telling my current boss who I really liked that after only a year I had to leave.  THEN he offered me more money to stay! Which led to more back and forth with the local bank and me sitting in my car taking awkward selfies while waiting for them to come back with their final offer before walking into my job the next morning to tell my boss what I decided. 
Yeah, sometimes being grown up sucks.  I mean I guess it was a good situation to be in, but it was still pretty sucky. I guess leaving a job always is.  But everything is planned now, my last day at State Farm is tomorrow and I start at the local bank next Monday after our vacation.  Jamaica really is coming at a good time now!!
And just a few photos from this past weekend...hubby and I spent some time outside doing some maintenance on our little townhome this weekend.  There's not really much to maintain accept for gardening and a little painting and pressure washing which is nice, but we still procrastinate with such things haha.  But I finally weeded my little garden and planted some pretty flower out front which make me happy :)

Then since we cleaned up the outdoors a bit Sunday evening we decided to eat outside for the first time of the year.  It was still a littttle chilly but was so nice and refreshing to just enjoy the outdoors! There arn't too many bugs out yet but we did see a fox and a bat while we were outside.  For living in a suburban neighborhood we sure get a lot of random wildlife in out backyard!
I made us some BBQ pork sandwhiches topped with coleslaw which were sooo yummy.  Plus it was easy to cook because I made hubby grill the pork and I just used a shredded coleslaw salad mix from the store.  I hate spending a lot of time cooking on the weekends so it was a win-win. We also enjoyed a bottle of wine from a local winery. I didn't even count my calories for it since it was the weekend.  Shhh don't tell ;)

And because he's adorable I'll end with a picture of my little Jefferson. He is such a little snuggler when he is tired.  Makes blogging difficult!
I may or may not have any posts scheduled for next week when I'm away. We'll see how fast I get my packing done.  At this point it's looking like a no though haha. My resort will have wifi so if you'd like to be jealous of me sitting on the beach with a drink in hand, you can check in on instagram (my username is mygirlishwhims).


  1. Congrats, girl! You are looking awesome and I can totally see the difference. :)

    xo Always, Abby
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  2. Have a great time in Jamaica,dear!!!!Keep going!
    big hugs

  3. Have fun in Jamaica! .....and congradulations to you on the weight loss. Your face really does show the transformation that's in the works. Keep it up. You're doing great!

  4. Congrats on all of the good news! You look great (although I thought you did before too!), so I'm glad you are seeing the transformation in yourself too!

  5. Congrats on your weight loss! I know how it feels when you see such a difference...makes you shine!!

  6. OK - so I just saw this now. First of all - SO SO SO proud of you for hitting that 30 pounds!! That's seriously amazing & inspiring!! I am serious - if you still can - let's totally exercise together some late afternoon!!

    AND the job!!!! Ahh!! Congrats AGAIN! So so exciting - see how awesome you are? People are just fighting over you & throwing money at you ;)

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