Necessary Clothing - Discount Trend Clothing

I've got something a little girly...a little pink...and a little pointy to share with you all today!

How doya like my new shoes? I love them! They are the Pink Potion Pumps from Necessary Clothing which is a discount online store for women's trend in clothing and accessories.

Now that spring is here and summer is around the corner I am ready to break out all the color in my wardrobe! I've never been afraid of color and especially not in a pair of cute high heels! These fun shoes are the perfect addition to my spring wardrobe - I paired them with a tight pair of jeggings and a colorful floral printed top.  These heels add the perfect amount of oomf to kick this basic outfit up a notch to be perfect for going out to happy hour with some friends!

I was also really impressed with the quality of these shoes.  I buy a lot of cheap shoes, I'll be honest haha. I get a lot of shoes from Payless because they are cheap and cute, but eventually they all wear out.  Even though these shoes cost the same amount as a pair from Payless I immediately noticed the quality difference.  The material was a smooth suede and the buckle was very sturdy.

Necessary Clothing has a lot more than cute pink pumps: here are some of my other favorite picks from online!

And ok ok, they do have more colors than pink, but why would you buy any of them?? Haha just kidding. I just like the pink items best.  My blog IS called My Girlish Whims after all.  For more affordable and trendy clothes and accessories, be sure to check out Necessary Clothing online or follow them on their social networks: facebook, twitter, instagram and Pinterest!


  1. Ok, those shoes are gorg!! I think I need some!


  2. these shoes are adorable! so happy to know that necessary clothing has an online shop -- i've only been to their location in NYC!


  3. cuuuuute shoes! And I love that dress you linked - off to check them out now!! :)